The Whispers: Making Imaginary Friends Even Creepier


Last night ABC welcomed the premiere of its new series The Whispers and the creepiness was felt in just the first few minutes of the show.

Little Harper lures her mommy into a, higher than it should probably be for a child, tree house (wobbling rope ladder also included) so she can play and ultimately “win” a mysterious game. Drill, who we realize is Harper’s imaginary friend, tells her (not heard by anyone other than Harper) that her mommy is “it” and the game can only be won if the mother steps on the X drawn in chalk on the floor of the tree house.

The mother, played by Autumn Reeser, agrees in order to get her daughter down from the tree house right after but when do things ever work out as planned on shows like this? They don’t because after stepping on the X and glancing over at some scattered tools nearby, Harper’s mommy falls through the wooden floor and in slow motion drops to the stone pathway below.

With a “Mommy, you can wake up now. The game is over,” Harper looks down at her mother lying their unconscious with a growing pool of blood forming around her head.

Creeped out by Drill and his disturbing “game” yet?

The show also includes Lily Rabe as Claire Bennigan, an FBI child specialist called in to investigate this game children are playing. We learn she’s had time away from work due to her husband’s death and wanting to spend time with her son, who has recently lost his hearing.

Her story also includes an obvious past affair with Wes, who works for the Department of Defense and is married to Lena with a young daughter. A young daughter named Minx, who of course receives a visit from our favorite creepy imaginary yet real friend while at the playground with her mother.

Throw in Harper’s story to Claire about another little boy who apparently failed Drill’s game yet still managed to set off a bomb and injure his mother. A strange bearded man, played by Milo Ventimiglia, who ends up in a hospital speaking Arabic in his unconscious state. This goes unremembered to him when he wakes up and also has no clue what his name is when the doctor questions him.

Minx creeps out another boy at the playground all thanks to Drill and continues to scare her mother while telling her that her dad basically doesn’t care about them and doesn’t want to talk to her mother. Lena takes this as her daughter knowing about her father’s affair. Minx also strangely knows exactly what her father’s computer password is and logs in under Drill’s apparent orders.

With a visit by Harper to the man in the same hospital as her mother, the end of the episode reveals that Claire’s husband was reportedly killed on the job in a plane crash. Wes finds the wreckage and calls Claire to inform her that the plane is missing the dead body of said husband.

Remember the mysterious bearded man? (Who ended up in the hospital because he passed out somewhere after writing a name on a piece of paper that goes floating away in the wind…probably important clue? Of course it disappears!) Back to the bearded man… He just happens to be Claire’s previously dead but now declared missing husband. We learn this when we see him escaping the hospital while the camera zooms in on a family photo in Claire’s home.

I’ve watched enough shows to have seen that somewhat coming. Mysterious man who has no idea who he is? Dead now missing husband? Wrecked plane found in a strange electrified…encasement? (That’s the only word I can think of to describe what the plane was found in) That mysterious man ends up being that missing husband! *AUDIBLE GASP*

But seriously, ignoring my blatant sarcasm, this show definitely has me hooked. I want to find out who this Drill is, the purpose behind this game and why he can speak to children through the lights (yes, at one point we do learn that…insert light bulb emoji here followed by smiling purple devil emoji. The Whispers Twitter account along with a million others used those exact emojis in their tweets. Including me. But that’s not really important.)

If this rambling recount of The Whispers premiere made any sense to you after watching or intrigued you enough to want to watch what I just spoiled for you, then leave your thoughts below!

Until next time, fellow entertainment junkies, check out the preview of what’s in store the rest of this season below.