Brotherly Hugs on the Set of Supernatural


We all know, or now you do, that Supernatural is currently filming the end of Season 11 and wrapping up this season soon in Vancouver. And with that comes thoughts of the season finale.

Are you guys even ready for that yet? Because I know I, for sure, am not. It feels as if this season just started so I’m not ready to say goodbye to the Winchesters until October.

There have also been some on-set photos released of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki shooting scenes together. One of those scenes includes a hug and that hug is what is worrying me.

Source: Just Jared Jr., Photo #: 955988

To me, Sam looks like he’s clutching Dean in that hug. It looks sad and heart-wrenching and almost like a goodbye or a ‘I might not see you again’ hug. See where I’m going here…? Can you also see how invested I am in this show?

If this has anything to do with Dean and the Darkness/Amara, I’m going to scream. I need them to destroy this Darkness, shove her in a box or a cage, anything to get rid of her because her whole “connection” with Dean is downright disturbing and Dean doesn’t deserve that. The last thing he needs is more reasons to think he’s toxic.

Source: Just Jared Jr., Photo #: 955993

Check out the expression on Dean’s face in the photo above. He’s not happy. He’s pissed, he’s hurting and that’s his ‘I’m going to beat someone/something’s ass’ look…or he’s just giving in to the Darkness. For the love of Chuck, don’t be that last option.

After eleven seasons, I like to think that I can easily recognize these characters’ facial expressions and Jensen does such an incredible job portraying how Dean is feeling just through those facial expressions and without any words needed.

Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard and Ruth Connell were also on set. And from the looks of a tweet posted by Jose Manzano, a camera technician for Supernatural and you may also recognize him from past gag reels, Rob Benedict was filming scenes a few days ago as well. Are we getting a God/Amara showdown…? Only time will tell. And as I typed that I realized I just quoted song lyrics from Asia. At least Dean would be proud of me.


Check out Manzano’s tweet below!

Until next time, SPNFamily, any thoughts on what the rest of Season 11 has left for us or predictions for the season finale? Then leave me all of those thoughts (spoiler free, please and thank you) in the comments below and let’s discuss!

Supernatural returns on Wednesday April 27 so check out the preview for the next new episode, “The Chitters.”


Winchester Wednesday: Red Meat


Source: Supernatural Twitter

“No more second chances. I’m here to reap you.”

Not something we haven’t heard before on Supernatural, not exactly something we enjoy hearing though.


Tonight’s episode is titled “Red Meat”and it marks the return of Billie the Reaper. And from the episode description alone what we have to look forward to is a pair of werewolves, their two victims, Sam getting shot (and potentially reaped) and Dean acting as savior big brother and hunter with a pack of werewolves on their trail.

So we have nothing short of emotional and mental stress waiting for us. The usual for us, SPNFamily, right?

And what I’m about to fill you in on will only add to that stress. Curious? Alright! Let’s talk about how Jensen and Jared feel Supernatural should end!


Relax. Especially since we’ve thankfully got a Season 12 to look forward to and with how well the show’s been doing, it doesn’t look like the end is coming anytime soon. Fingers crossed!

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the boys talked about all the different ways they’ve thought Supernatural should end and how over the years those possibilities have changed with each new season of the show.

“If you’d asked me season 1, I would’ve thought that it would’ve been the apocalypse. But then again, you can’t end the TV show with the worst thing happening,” Ackles said, “As we’ve evolved, I think that there’s different roads that the show could certainly go down that would be interesting. I think we’ve taken some really good turns.”

If we only ever got one season of Supernatural and it ended with the apocalypse starting or looming ahead, I probably would have dropped off of my couch into a puddle of tears. I already have enough traumatic memories from “Swan Song” and that nerve-wracking waiting period we had until we heard whether the Winchesters would be around for another season.

“It’s changed a lot over time. Part of me, loving Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, always thought it’d be great to see the boys against insurmountable odds and to freeze-frame on them and just hear stuff in the background. You don’t know if they die, you don’t know if they live, but you know that they’re going to go out in a blaze of glory,” Padalecki revealed.

This would be an interesting yet frustrating end for the show. I’d rather not have a Sopranos type of ending where something happens and then we have no clue what actually happened to the brothers.


Padalecki then added, “And then I went back and watched a few of the episodes, I watched through ‘Swan Song’ and the scene of the boys laying on the hood of the Impala. I think that’d be a nice way to go out if we had to — watching the end of the world. Or looking up at us from the trunk and throwing the weapons in and saying we’ve got work to do. All of those kind of leave room for opinion and room for interpretation. I don’t think we should see the boys die or live, we should wonder.”

That I think we can all live with. The boys just continuing their hunting. And I do love that idea of the scene being from the perspective of the Impala’s trunk and that memorable “We’ve got work to do,” line.

And as Padalecki said, “The boys can’t stop fighting.” Which is true. If the boys get out alive in the end, there’s no way they’d stop hunting and protecting people from the things that creep around in the dark.

But who knows if they’ll end up alive or dying…or one of the brothers dying. I’m starting to break my own heart right now.

“It’s either going to end tragic or it’s going to end not tragic, and I can kind of make an argument for both,” Ackles said, “I don’t really know where it’s going to go. I always thought Dean would make the ultimate sacrifice for his brother. I guess if I had to choose something, that’s probably what I would choose.”


Heart crumbling into pieces, for sure. Although, of course I can see Dean dying to protect Sam. They’ve both had that mentality since the beginning. And if we’re speaking honestly here, like I always do with you guys, none of us will be happy unless Supernatural ends the right way. A way most of us can agree is the way that just feels right for the Winchesters.

Let’s not think about Supernatural leaving us anymore though because hopefully we have plenty more good years with Sam and Dean. I am definitely not ready to say goodbye to them.

But if you have any interesting ideas of how you’d want Supernatural to end, please send them my way and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time, SPNFamily, enjoy tonight’s new episode and maybe I’ll see you during my live-tweeting on Twitter!

Arrow: ‘Taken’


Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW

It’s Wednesday. Let’s talk Arrow!

Tonight we’ll get to see Vixen/Mari McCabe, played by Megalyn Echikunwoke. She’s an old friend of Oliver’s who he calls in for help with the on-going drama with Darhk. You might also recognize Echikunwoke as the voice of the animated version of Vixen on the CW Seed series of the same name.

Her ability to summon animal powers will help in their search for Darhk and Oliver’s son, who he will also have to explain all about to the rest of the team. That will most likely go over badly with them…especially Felicity.

Damn it, Oliver, I know you thought you were doing the right thing to protect William but, seriously, stop with the lying.

According to Emily Bett Rickards, the revelation of Oliver’s son will obviously hurt Felicity pretty bad.

“We saw how she reacted to her finding out about his son in an alternate timeline in The Flash crossover,” Rickards explained, “I feel like her feelings there weren’t unprecedented, but obviously it was a different timeline. With this coming up, it puts a big stake in their relationship. It makes it known that she doesn’t really know 100 percent who she’s in a relationship with. I think that that scares her and makes her untrusting whether she should have more leeway with him at this point. It hurts her pretty bad.”

Rickards went on to talk about the best gift Curtis could ever give Felicity as well, the ability to walk again. And apparently this will be happening quite soon.

“We don’t really have the time to make it a long process on our show, especially because we’re coming up to the last five episodes or so of shooting,” she said, “We hope it doesn’t seem like a shock to the audience, but we really did want her to be able to walk again and start a second new chapter.”

And from a simply captioned picture posted by Stephen Amell on Tuesday, we’ll clearly see Felicity on her feet again for a happy moment between her and Oliver.

Source: Stephen Amell Twitter

Here’s to hoping this is a glimpse of something that will actually happen and not a dream or something that will demolish our emotions again. Either way, my Olicity-loving heart adores this!

And the tweet Amell attached this picture to was perfect.


Tonight’s episode will also have a heart to heart conversation between Thea and Merlyn in hopes of potentially squashing his promise of revenge on Oliver after losing control of the League of Assassins. I honestly don’t see Merlyn of all people to just be like “Nevermind. Forget my plans of revenge!” The man casually helped give Darhk the idea to kidnap William.

Until next time Team Arrow, check out the preview for tonight’s episode “Taken” below!

Supernatural: ‘Beyond the Mat’


Photo: Liane Hentscher/The CW

After the way last week’s episode of Supernatural ended with Jensen breaking my heart simply with Dean’s facial expressions, I’m ready for a fun episode this Wednesday.

Or at least I’m hoping “Beyond the Mat” is actually fun and isn’t one of those episodes that appears that way until the last few minutes where the writers deviously throw in a sneak attack and rip our hearts out of our chests. We should probably expect that by now.

The episode centers around Sam and Dean attending the funeral of a wrestler they used to be fans of when they were kids. Using this time to also take a break from the major stress that is the Darkness, they then go to the next wrestling match to relive a fond childhood memory. But when another wrestler winds up dead the Winchesters are called to duty. (There’s also some Crowley and, if the gravelly voice is any indication, hopefully Castiel too as shown in the preview)

Photo: Liane Hentscher/The CW

Seeing the boys this happy and excited in the promo photos is amazing and I’m going to hold onto that as long as I can before that’s all destroyed by whatever lies in wait the rest of the season with the Darkness.

WWE wrestler Mike “The Miz” Mizanin also guest stars in “Beyond the Mat” as Shawn Harley, a fiery-tempered wrestler who easily pushes everyone’s buttons. Not much of a stretch for The Miz if you know his personality in the WWE.

Photo: Liane Hentscher/The CW

Until next time SPN Family, check out the preview for this Wednesday’s new episode of Supernatural below and let me know some of your predictions for the rest of Season 11!

Rob Benedict Returns to Supernatural


Source: Sweatpants&

Since it’s Winchester Wednesday, I bring you news of Rob Benedict returning to Supernatural as Chuck.

So will we finally get a definitive answer on whether or not Chuck is actually God?


Sam and Dean are dealing with God’s sister, Amara, (who I cannot wait to be taken out) and it would make sense if we get a glimpse at God. In what sense, I don’t know but I’d be open to it. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Any information about how and when Chuck will be back hasn’t been released. And I like it that way. I hate when too much info is released about characters returning because then there’s no surprise or fun in watching it. Case in point, I was so happy I surprisingly didn’t hear anything about Chuck making his last appearance at the end of the 200th episode. That just made that episode even more of a favorite of mine.

Aside from Chuck returning, we’ll also get to see Bobby and Rufus again in a flashback to a previous case in an upcoming episode. I cannot wait to see Jim Beaver back as Bobby, even if it’s just a flashback. I miss Bobby!

Until next time, enjoy tonight’s new Supernatural with Dean going back in time courtesy of Casifer! Hope to see you all live-tweeting if you can!

The Vampire Diaries & The Originals Crossover Awaits Us


Well, if you’re anything like me, you might be actually somewhat enjoying this season of The Vampire Diaries. And, yes, best frenemies Stefan and Klaus are reuniting.

Photo : The CW/The Vampire Diaries

We’ll skip over how the show certainly went downhill at a certain point but it has had its moments where it’s made me excited to watch again. Thank god, because I hate dropping shows I’ve been investing this much time in.

Last season, at least for me, it was Kai and the possibility of Stefan and Caroline getting together that kept me watching. (Hey, since Klaroline ever being a couple seems like a pipe dream, I was thoroughly excited for Steroline) I thought Kai was such a badass, purely insane character. A character that reminded me why I loved this show. We all know Katherine and Klaus brought an enticing energy to the show that drew us in to find out what chaos they would cause each week.

So I easily became attached to Kai. Yes, he did some really screwed up things BUT I have a tendency to love to hate (aka not so secretly love) the bad guys and I was sort of, maybe hoping he could redeem himself after the merge with Luke…and still be a little mischievous. (And don’t you dare tell me that would be impossible because I will fling Damon in your face as proof. If fans can stand behind him and everything evil and messed up that he did/does then I can believe in Malachai Parker redeeming himself.)


He had this new-found part of himself called emotions, other than hate and violent anger. He wanted to repair, the best he could, everything he royally destroyed with Bonnie.

But this is The Vampire Diaries and it’s not TVD unless I’m thoroughly annoyed after certain episodes when nine o’clock rolls around. So of course *SPOILER ALERT* they killed off Kai. Fantastic.

And then it was announced that Nina Dobrev was leaving TVD and as much as I adore Nina, I wasn’t too upset to see Elena go. She wasn’t the Elena I grew to love since Season 1 and I honestly had enough of the overly dramatic Delena story line each and every week. This might be blasphemous to some fans but I actually like Damon better without Elena. Oops. Sorry.


But anyway, moving on to the point of why I’m typing like a madwoman right now. The crossover will have Stefan paying Klaus a visit in New Orleans after Valerie informs him of a safe house there that could protect Stefan from the vengeful vampire hunter, Rayna Cruz, who he’s luring away from Mystic Falls.

Photo : The CW/The Vampire Diaries

Aside from the Stefan/Klaus reunion, we’ll see Enzo working with The Armory, a mysterious organization. He will potentially help Damon and Bonnie protect Stefan from Rayna. Caroline is also thinking about her future in Mystic Falls after offering to join Alaric in his plans to head to Dallas as fast as he can once the twins are born.

And that’s just the first hour during The Vampire Diaries. The crossover event continues into The Originals in which we’ll see Stefan helping with the ongoing events in New Orleans. This of course puts me and maybe some of you in a sticky situation. I have yet to catch up on The Originals. Like I’m embarrassingly way behind. So I have a feeling I might need to have an Originals binge-a-thon ASAP before then.

We might just have enough time too since the crossover event airs on February 26!

Until next time, catch The Vampire Diaries this Friday at 8pm ET followed by The Originals at 9pm ET and let me know your thoughts on this season of TVD and what’s ahead below!

The Flash: Life In The ‘Fast Lane’



Last night’s episode of The Flash was definitely one of my favorites. I think it was because it wasn’t one of those really hyped up, jam-packed episodes but plenty happened and it left me craving next week’s episode!

It all started with a new meta-human and how he became just that. This time a giant vat of hot tar was involved. The man was dropped into the tar by two other men just before the particle accelerator exploded.

The next scene is with the West family who are sitting around the dinner table eating and seemingly having a good time. Wally talks about his love for speed (if you know your Flash comics, you know the irony of this) even revealing he wanted to be an astronaut or fly jets. The West family bonding was going great…until Iris brings up Wally drag racing. This causes him to leave and for Iris to confront Joe about not being the dad she knows towards Wally.

Jump to Dr. Wells recording his thoughts and continuing his work on a device that can collect Barry’s speed. But cue Barry walking in and interrupting the doctor’s work. Barry offers to help Wells, who refuses while Barry ignores him and proceeds to speed read the books on the science Wells knows. This just makes Wells even more irritated but the two work together anyway.

Iris takes it upon herself to go see Wally where he drag races, all decked out in short shorts, tights, a jacket with fur, a low cut top, heeled boots and purple color in her hair. She looked gorgeous! But for Wally, seeing your sister like that can be scarring. Or like he says, send him to therapy.

While Wally gets ready to race, Iris the super sleuth journalist snaps a picture of the man running the drag racing.

We then see a man alone watching television. A news report ongoing (which also mentions Oliver Queen’s mayoral campaign).

Here enters the meta-human of tar to seek revenge on one of the men who dropped him in the scalding liquid. And after describing in vivid details how it burned his ears, eyes and throat, which is horrifying to even imagine, he got his revenge. On to the next guy on his list…

Remember that device Wells was working on to steal Barry’s speed? Wells took his chance and planted it on the Flash’s suit all while Cisco is telling Barry about an app he created to gather any mention of meta-humans on social media. This would give them an up to date way to track them. I thought this was genius. People will tweet, blog, record and post pictures of pretty much anything so you better believe if there’s a meta-human around, that stuff will be everywhere on social media.

Joe pays Iris a visit at work where she gives him a crash course (excuse that horribly unintended pun) on young people who have been killed in car accidents doing what Wally’s been up to. Joe knows she’s right to be concerned but he wants Wally to trust him before he does anything.

Next we see Barry and Wells working together again along with Wells’ hilarious irritation at Barry’s speed reading. Barry goes on to reminisce on his time working with the Dr. Wells he knew, mentioning how he was a mentor and a father figure for him. This clearly brings out Wells’ guilt for using Barry to steal his speed and he flips out on Barry.

Cisco’s meta-human app alerts them to the tar meta-human, who Cisco gives the title Tar Pit. Barry takes off to fight Tar Pit, calling him ‘barbecue’ and using Caitlin and Cisco’s advice to cool the man down with the fire hydrant nearby. This melts him back down to liquid tar.

When Wells realizes his device worked and he actually stole some of Barry’s speed, the man is excited and happily says, “You’re coming home. You’re coming home, Jesse.”

Cisco then gets his hacking on to find out more information on the people involved with Tar Pit. When he successfully hacks in, he happily exclaims “Who’s the best hacker in the world?!” to which both Barry and Caitlin respond unanimously “Felicity Smoak.”

Poor Cisco adds, “What’s wrong with you people? That’s not friendship.” You’re good, Cisco, you really are, and at many things. But Felicity has proven how bad ass she is when it comes to hacking and anything tech-related, so bow down to your queen. (And soon she will actually be a Queen, well hopefully…but let’s avoid those puns)

Afterwards, Cisco confronts Barry about his speed and how he seems slower than usual. Barry isn’t phased by it at first.

Iris goes to see Clark Bronwen aka the guy behind the drag racing Wally’s involved in and shows him a preview of the story she’s writing about him and all of the illegal things he’s been up to over the years. This doesn’t bother the man who proceeds to threaten her and explain everything he can do to her if she has that story published. But Iris still has something up her sleeve, revealing that she was recording their conversation and it would be sent to her job. Once their exchange is over, Iris quickly gets the hell out of there.

Wally eventually finds out about what Iris did and confronts her at work. They have a very heartfelt sibling conversation…all while co-workers of Iris’ are still in the background. But this is TV, so that’s perfectly normal.

Iris tells her brother that he’s too smart to be doing what he’s still up to even after their mother’s death especially since he doesn’t have anymore medical bills to pay. Wally takes in everything she tells him but warns her “show up there again, and I won’t be able to protect you.” So he does care and I have a feeling the two of them will start becoming even closer as the season rolls on.

We then see Wells bringing Barry’s speed to Zoom (who still creeps me out…that mouth, the voice…who are you?! That reveal better be amazing!) Unfortunately, it’s just not enough speed for Zoom and he wants the rest of the Flash’s speed. To Wells’ refusal and claim that Zoom will just kill his daughter, Zoom says he will just torture Jesse in order to have Wells’ cooperation.

While Barry and Wells are on their way back from working on the connections between Earth and Earth 2, Barry gets a phone call from Iris. She and Joe were at one of Wally’s races where Tar Pit made an unexpected appearance.

Barry speeds over where he saves Wally from his car mid-air. As the car is crashing down, parts and glass flying everywhere, Barry is too slow to save Iris from a shard of glass piercing her shoulder.

Iris eventually wakes up in the hospital with Joe by her side. Wally comes to see her with flowers, rambling about not knowing which ones to get or if she is allergic. He abruptly leaves but Joe follows after him. They have a moment in the hallway where Joe tells him he’s not alone and that he has family who cares about him. Joe also says that he is not Wally’s friend, he’s his father and he isn’t letting him go.

Did I mention how much I love Joe? He really is a great father to both Iris and Barry and now Wally.

Joe then receives a text from Barry and Wally offers to stay with Iris.

Coming to the realization that he is slower and that’s why he wasn’t able to protect Iris, Barry talks to Cisco and asks if it’s the suit. Wells adamantly denies that (suspicious much, Doc?) but even Cisco denies it mentioning how much he takes care of Barry’s suit.

Caitlin joins their conversation revealing that Barry is 2% slower and as they continue to talk about this and how Barry’s loss of speed could affect things, Wells’ guilt finally boils over. Wells confesses to stealing Barry’s speed and removes the device from the suit. This immediately causes Joe to punch Wells and drag him down to metahuman lockup otherwise he would have killed the man.

Barry also takes care of Tar Pit who also received a nice punch from Joe. C’mon, join me in saying it…Badass Father of the Year!

We learn Wells wants to be sent back to Earth 2 where he will deal with Zoom alone and for Barry and the gang to close off the portals so Zoom can never cross over again.

Barry goes on to say to Team Flash what was definitely on my mind. He doesn’t blame Wells for what he did because he and every single one of them would do the same if they were in the doctor’s position. He was doing what he thought he could to get his daughter back. Don’t tell me Joe wouldn’t break some moral codes and even laws to protect Iris.

After this they all go to release Wells from lockup. Wells is prepared to say goodbye but Barry says they’re a team and that they will be going to Earth 2.

Cue the preview for next week which gives us glimpses of our familiar Team Flash’s extremely different doppelgangers. Killer Frost, Deathstorm (Welcome back, Robbie Amell!) and a very studious-looking Barry. And according to Andrew Kreisberg, those aren’t the only things to get excited about for next week.

“Some of these people are beyond different. What’s so interesting is that you’ve got Wells, who is probably the most similar to himself — the one that we saw last year and this one. They seem different until you start seeing the crazy differences between all of our other cast members. Then he’s the one who doesn’t seem quite so different and crazy anymore. We’ve obviously announced Robbie Amell and you’ve seen the photos of Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost, but there’s a couple of surprises that we’ve got in store that we’re really excited about,” Kreisberg told Entertainment Weekly in January.

Until next time fellow Team Flash supporters, check out the preview for next week’s episode and feel free to geek out below with your excitement for our glimpse into Earth 2!