Daredevil: Thoughts So Far on Season 2


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Believe it or not, I haven’t binge-watched ALL of Daredevil Season 2 just yet. I have three episodes left and as much as I’m dying to find out what happens, I’m trying to savor the remainder of this season.

Aside from that, I did want to talk about some of my thoughts while watching this season.

First off, I do not like Matt with Karen. I have nothing against Karen. I actually love her, especially with how strong she’s become and her ferocity to seek justice for Frank (I’ll get to Mr. Castle next). I just don’t like her in a relationship with Matt. They just don’t have that spark or chemistry together. I’d prefer her with Foggy over Matt if I had to choose and with how she and Foggy connected last season I thought maybe we’d see that relationship grow. But no. They pushed Karen and Matt together and in my opinion, it felt forced and ended up being boring. I also called it when it came to Elektra being part of the reason they broke up. And I hope they don’t bring up Matt and Karen’s ‘romance’ again. Just let it go. I know they had a relationship in the comics but that doesn’t mean it has to happen on the show because it wasn’t going anywhere I was interested to see.

Moving on!

Frank Castle. Oh, how I can talk about this character endlessly. To start, I was a fan of the movie The Punisher with Thomas Jane but once the character was recast I gave up on that. And when they cast Jon Bernthal as Frank I was a little nervous because I didn’t want my hatred of his past character I had watched, Shane, on The Walking Dead to interfere with his portrayal of Frank. I know, I know…he’s not the characters he plays! Well, I’m happy to say I love Bernthal as Frank Castle! He’s made me like The Punisher again and I found myself saying, “Where’s Frank?” whenever he was missing from an episode.


There was just more action and the episodes were much more interesting when Frank was in them. And sorry, Matt, it’s hard for me to agree with you and think what Frank did was completely wrong. But I’m not going there in this post. Maybe another time! I just can’t hate Frank for what he did, especially with the reasoning he had behind it all. And honestly, I’d like to see how Matt would handle the same situation if it had been his family.

Like I said, I haven’t finished Season 2 yet but I really hope this won’t be the last we see of Frank/The Punisher. Bernthal’s performance has been incredible! And speaking of that whole chemistry thing? Karen and Frank have much more chemistry together than her and Matt. I really enjoyed the scenes with Karen and Frank and how he connected with her and felt comfortable opening up to her. Please give us more of that!


Also, I love the justice-seeking, investigative journalist side of Karen. And I almost cried when Mitchell showed her into Ben’s office for her to use while she looks deeper into Frank’s case. This is also where she sees that Ben had newspaper clippings about the death of her brother Kevin and she, herself, breaks down.

I’m glad Karen wasn’t made into a goody two shoes and used to, I guess, bring light into the otherwise dark world of Daredevil and Matt’s life. I hate when characters are used that way. Thankfully, we had the chance to see Karen grow even stronger and more determined, at times doing Foggy and Matt’s jobs better than them. I’m excited to see where her character will go from here.

To touch on the characters of Elektra and Stick, I have a bad feeling about what’s ahead for Elektra in the last few episodes I have left to watch and to be blunt, I can’t stand Stick. The whole shadiness of his life is just unsettling and I don’t like how he treats Matt.

As for Matt and Foggy’s friendship, it’s definitely been tested but if Foggy seriously thinks Matt could just pack up his suit and end his role as Daredevil, then he shouldn’t hold his breath. Yes, Matt hasn’t been the best of best friends and he can step up a little but he does have that whole protecting his city thing taking up quite a bit of his time. All I’m saying is, I hope this bromance drama doesn’t last too long because I need my avocados at law back together being snarky and seeking justice.


And everyone always tells the heroes that they don’t have to do what they’re doing…they don’t have to risk their life, they don’t have to save everyone, they don’t have to protect their city, blah, blah, blah. But if those heroes listened to that nonsense, there wouldn’t be any heroes like Daredevil, like Captain America, like Iron Man.

So until next time, I beg of you, keep your end of the season spoilers to yourself because I’ve been avoiding them like the plague and once I finish Season 2 I think I might write up a post on my thoughts/feelings on the season as a whole. Do leave me your thoughts (spoiler free!) on this season below in the comments and what you’d like to see next season if Daredevil is picked up for a third season (which I’m hoping is announced soon)!


The Walking Dead: Two Episodes of Season 6 Remain


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Apparently when you tweet a simple tweet talking about being petrified to find out what the last two episodes of The Walking Dead have in store, some jerk will end up replying with potential spoilers.


To the dude who thought that was perfectly okay to do: If those spoilers my eyes obviously couldn’t avoid in my notifications end up being true, well, I hope karma stealthily sneaks up on you somehow. I’d say I hope someone spoils all of your favorite TV shows but you’re clearly a fan of spoilers so that’d be pointless of me to hope for.

Seriously though, you’re obviously free to post pretty much whatever your heart desires on your social media accounts. But sending someone spoilers who clearly did not ask for them (and in my case, was successfully avoiding until now) is just plain wrong.

Moving on from horrible people who obviously can’t have nice things, how many of you are actually petrified for the last two episodes of The Walking Dead? Because I’m seriously nervous about who is and who isn’t going to survive!

Spoilers from this past Sunday night & the comics ahead!


I wasn’t surprised by how upset I was when Denise was killed because I’ve come to really like her. She didn’t deserve to die (especially like that and after showing she can step up and be brave), Tara doesn’t deserve to lose her and, correct me if I’m wrong, now our group of survivors doesn’t have a doctor. Fantastic.

[After thought and something I actually stupidly just thought of now: Isn’t it funny how Denise died from an arrow through the eye since she saved Carl from his horrific eye injury? I can’t be the only one who connected that! She also died how Abraham died in the comics.]

We also have to talk about Eugene stepping UP. Biting that a**hole in the junk?! That was definitely one major way to catch a guy off-guard! And his idea regarding the bullets and ammo is certainly genius. You go, Eugene!


And Carol. Oh, Carol. She’s starting to irritate me again and I really don’t want that version of her back. I need badass Carol, not ‘I’m going to leave a cryptic note and leave for some out of nowhere reason’ Carol. C’mon! None of that is going to turn out well, we all know that. Especially with Negan looming in the very near future.

My emotions and mental state are just not ready for the end of this season. We’re also getting a 90-minute season finale, which means more time to have us gaping at our TVs enduring the unavoidable stress and heartbreak The Walking Dead gives us each week.

“I love this show!” I say while curled up in a ball as my eye twitches and I endlessly wonder how these characters stay sane in their walker infested and psychopath survivors-filled world.


Until next time, check out a sneak peek from next Sunday’s new episode that will certainly make Richonne shippers happy and leave me your thoughts on the end of this season in the comments below!

The Walking Dead: ‘We Are All Negan…’


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Did you need more proof that Maggie and Carol are absolute badasses? Well, I’m pretty sure last night’s episode of The Walking Dead cleared that little predicament up for you.

Also, how much did you despise Paula, Michelle, Molly and Donnie? Especially Molly. After she started smoking around Maggie all I wanted her to do was cough up a lung. But she got what she deserved. And Donnie’s walker self came in handy after he was a complete ass earlier. Thank you for your awesome last minute planning and ideas, Maggie and Carol.

Moving on, at first I thought Carol was putting on an act, frightened and hyperventilating. But towards the end of the episode, I realized some of those emotions while she was talking to Paula were genuine. There was also no doubt that she saw some of herself in Paula. And I think that scared Carol. She clearly wasn’t alright after they got out of there, even admitting that to Daryl but I’m hoping everything she experienced last night will only make her stronger and cause her to work on avoiding ending up in Paula’s state of mind.

Although I don’t want that to void out the strong woman Carol has become. Strong, confident and badass Carol gives me life and makes me forget how much I didn’t like the old Carol.

And I think we can all agree on Carol and Maggie being friendship and mini squad goals. If I was stuck in a similar situation during the walker apocalypse, I’d definitely want Maggie or Carol fighting by my side.

As I sat there watching last night’s episode, I also thought we might see someone die. Yes, people died but they were the bad guys and ultimately deserved what they got. Paula’s face getting bit off was pretty awesome. But none of our main group was taken from us which just makes me scared for what’s going to happen in the last three episodes left of this season.


I’m still awaiting Negan’s reveal. Because although multiple people said they were Negan, we all know they were just saying that and they’re nothing compared to the real Negan. Did I mention how scared I am for what’s to come? I seriously am though.

Anyway, until next time, we just have to wait and see what the next three Sunday nights have in store for us and you can check out the little sneak peek for next week’s episode “Twice As Far” below!

Once Upon A Time: Sneak Peek!


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A brand new episode of Once Upon A Time awaits us tomorrow night but to tide you over, check out this little sneak peek of Hook continuing to show his heroic side all while covered in blood and clearly hurt.

Until next time, prepare yourselves, Oncers, and is it Sunday night yet?

The Walking Dead: ‘The Same Boat’ Sneak Peek


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So who sat there watching The Walking Dead this past Sunday thinking to themselves…”Oh god, who’s going to die?”

When episodes of TWD begin all happy or more “normal” than usual, it usually doesn’t end well for a character. But *Spoiler Alert* no one died in the last episode. Well…none of the main characters. Plenty of the Saviors died. And good riddance, especially after seeing those disturbing pictures one of them had proudly displayed on their wall.

Side note: My heart broke for Glenn making his first non-walker kill. But I’m sure seeing those pictures made it a little easier for him. Hopefully.


That doesn’t mean next week won’t destroy us. Maggie and Carol are currently hostages, taken by who knows who. And whoever they are, they’re not only on Rick’s sh*t list but Glenn’s, Daryl’s, Michonne’s and so on. So good luck to them.

I’m still waiting to finally see Negan because I think Rick is going to realize he and his group are the ones messing with the wrong people. He has no idea what’s coming their way and honestly, neither do we. I am hoping they stick somewhat closely to the comics when it comes to Negan because he is a crazy psycho that will only amplify the intensity of TWD.


That reveal when we finally meet Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan should be awesome so we’ll just have to sit impatiently and wait.

Until next time, check out a sneak peek for next Sunday’s new episode of The Walking Dead titled “The Same Boat” as well as the preview and as always leave me your thoughts and predictions below!

Fuller House Season 2 Ordered by Netflix


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So much for the critics huh? I was so nervous going into my Season 1 viewing of Fuller House after reading such horrible reviews from the critics. But as I watched the show, I ended up loving it!

It had some corny aspects to it and family show cliches but Full House wasn’t much different. Fuller House had plenty of great aspects to it, nods to Full House (even showing past scenes from the show…and yes, I did have a mini fangirl moment when they showed young DJ and Steve) along with some one-liners or innuendos made by characters that unless you’re a 80s/90s kid all grown up or just an adult watching the show, they might have gone over some viewers’ heads.

Despite any negative reviews others gave it, Fuller House made me feel like a kid again and I’m excited to see what’s in store for Season 2!

The one thing I’m holding out for is DJ and Steve finally ending up back together. As much as I did end up liking Matt, Dj and Steve are endgame in my book. (Oh, also, side note: can we maybe let Steve’s crazy obsession with DJ die down a teeny tiny bit? I adore how much he cares about her but maybe don’t make Steve seem like a crazy person…? Just my two cents! Because DJ and Steve were one of my first OTPs before that was even a thing)


We’ll also have to wait and see if there will ever be a return for Michelle aka Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I’m not holding my breath but you never know. Although, series creator Jeff Franklin still has hope that either one or both twins will change their minds.

“I am still hopeful that Mary-Kate or Ashley or both of them will come back and be a part of it, even if it’s just for an hour. We miss that. Everybody does feel that hole in the family,” Franklin told E! News, “But it’s like, all family reunions, there’s always somebody that doesn’t show up. But hopefully next time around, we’ll have them back.”

Until next time, you can catch all thirteen episodes of Fuller House Season 1 on Netflix now and let me know your thoughts of the show in the comments below!

Criminal Minds: Will the BAU Save Derek?


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To state the obvious, it’s Wednesday. It’s also Criminal Minds day. And tonight’s new episode looks like it’s going to be one of those intense, tear-jerking, leave-you-breathless episodes.

It’s called “Derek” and will pick up from where last week’s episode left off when we saw Derek get drugged, attacked and kidnapped by who we will learn are members of the Dirty Dozen.

Danny Glover, seen in the preview for tonight’s episode, guest stars as Derek’s father Hank Morgan, who Derek will see in his subconscious when he “goes into his safe place” while being tortured.

We’ll also get to see glimpses of Derek’s childhood and when he was a teenager as well as Hank’s past.

I can’t wait to watch this episode but at the same time, I’m honestly just trying to prepare myself for an emotional overload. Criminal Minds has that effect on you if you’ve been watching this show from the beginning. And past episodes centered around Derek have been incredibly well-written so I expect nothing less for “Derek.”


Source: Shemar Moore Instagram

Until next time, check out a behind the scenes look at the episode, which has left Shemar Moore “exhausted but in such a wonderful way,” and don’t forget to tune in tonight at 9pm EST on CBS!