One Month Until Captain America: Civil War


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Let that sink in. Next month (well, if you live in the United States. Some lucky ducks get it earlier) we will be basking and probably weeping in the glory of Captain America: Civil War.

I still don’t know if I’m ready. Seriously, who’s ever prepared to see two of their favorite superheros butting heads in an all out war? Don’t lie to yourself, I have a feeling we’re going to be reeling for quite a while from the aftermath of this movie.

In the latest TV spots for Civil War, we’ve seen a few more new snippets of scenes. For example, Natasha and Clint interacting in a way I’d only expect them to: fighting yet at the same time being snarky to each other. And we’ve seen Black Panther aka T’Challa going after Steve and his vibranium shield.

Speaking of Black Panther, I’m so excited to see this character come to life on the big screen as well as Chadwick Boseman’s performance. I loved him in 42 as Jackie Robinson so I can’t wait to see what he does with this role and to see him rock that suit.

Back in December, Boseman spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the suit, which aside from the shoes, felt claustrophobic to him. Yet it’s still incredible when you think about the suit as a whole.

“As far as the storytelling is concerned, the vibranium is a metal that is dynamic. It can change how it’s used. It’s not a liquid, but it has the ability to change shape and change form and still have its strength. I think there a lot of things about that in the mythology that I think has a lot of potential in terms of the storytelling,” Boseman explained.

“It’s not just about being durable, it has the ability to absorb energy. It’s not just like you hit it and it doesn’t take it. It has the ability to absorb the attack of another person and repel or respond to that attack. That’s part of the power,” he continued.

Oh, my comic book loving heart is so happy. Also YES! to these actors digging deep and really researching their characters.


And just this past Monday, the Russo brothers posted a photo to their Instagram showing a behind the scenes look at a certain fight scene between Black Panther and Bucky.

Source: The Russo Brothers Instagram

Side note: say what you want, but I hope Bucky comes out alright…well, as alright as he can be factoring in everything that’s happened…after this movie. I need to see more of this character developed and Sebastian Stan has done one hell of a job as Bucky and The Winter Soldier.

I always enjoy typing up posts like this because I can honestly talk endlessly about comic books and their movie counterparts. Comic book nerd and proud!

Until next time, fellow comic book nerds, check out one of the latest TV spot trailers below and as always leave me your thoughts in the comments!

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6, 2016.


Sebastian Stan Talks ‘heartbreaking’ ‘Captain America: Civil War’


Source: Captain America Twitter

Just the announcement of the title of the movie broke my heart, so to hear Sebastian Stan refer to Captain America: Civil War as heartbreaking has me worried for my comic book nerd heart.

Team Cap or Team Iron Man? How about Team Stop Making Me Choose Between Two Of My All-Time Favorite Superheroes? How does that sound? But according to Stan, the Cap and Iron Man showdown in May is going to hit us pretty hard.

“I think it’s going to be an epic experience for people,” Stan told Entertainment Tonight, “I’m very excited for people to hear and see what side everybody ends up on, ’cause it gets a little heartbreaking.”



But aside from our hearts breaking, Stan also referred to his fight scene with Robert Downey Jr. in Civil War as “amazing.”

“It’s inevitable not to geek out a little bit around Robert Downey Jr.,” he revealed, “Just to be around him [and] fight across from him was definitely a highlight!”

And you have to admit, that scene with Steve and Bucky battling it out together against Tony looks insane. It should be interesting to see how that turns out.

We’ll finally get to see exactly how that and everything else in Civil War turns out when May 6 rolls around (just 57 days from now but who’s counting?).

Until then, check out ET’s interview with Stan below and let me know who’s team you’re on (if you can choose) in the comments!

Top 10 James Bond Opening Songs


Source: The Official James Bond 007 Website

Ever since last Sunday when the Academy thought Sam Smith’s “Writing’s On The Wall” was an Oscar-worthy song (seriously), this James Bond fan was inspired to create a list of her top ten Bond opening songs.

I remember last year when they finally released Smith’s song. I got home from work and excitedly turned the song on, ready for another memorable Bond song. Sure, it was memorable…for how cringe-worthy it was.

At first I thought, hmm, maybe it’s building up and the song will really explode. It did have that big orchestra intensity in the beginning. And then I was left sitting there excitedly waiting for the song to please end. “Writing’s On The Wall” went nowhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like Sam Smith. His voice is beautiful and he can hit notes incredibly well. But this just does not feel like a Bond song. If anything, it reminds me of past boring Bond opening songs. For example: Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does It Better” or Rita Coolidge’s “All Time High.” Although, I read a few comments on YouTube underneath videos for both of these songs with people actually listening to them to try and forget Smith’s song. Ouch.

I found a comment made by Deadline’s Ross A. Lincoln in his article about “Writing’s On The Wall” when the song was released and pretty much agree with him.

“The melody and arrangement are wonderful, and I actually like Smith’s singing voice a lot. But the lack of meaningful percussion is really driving me crazy. It’s all buildup, no release. Kind of like how you’d feel if you were a British superspy interrupted in the middle of a very successful date by a henchman bent on killing you, and afterward all you felt like doing was drinking another vodka martini and going to bed,” Lincoln wrote.

Like I said, the song went nowhere. And according to a comment made by a Jack Meyhoffer underneath the article, “James Bond would shoot his stereo system if this song started playing.” Tell us how you really feel, Jack. Even though, I do believe that.

Anyway, shall we begin?

10. “Thunderball” by Tom Jones (1965)

Now this feels like a Bond song. And kudos to Jones for holding that note at the end of the song for as long as he did.

9. “Licence to Kill” by Gladys Knight (1989)

Maybe this is a little more ballad-like, I guess you can say, but it still has that intensity and drama that builds and doesn’t leave you disappointed.

8. “A View to a Kill” by Duran Duran (1985)

Oh, Duran Duran definitely brought that 80s feel to this opening but it still fits well and you gotta love the neon colors.

7. “The Living Daylights” by A-ha (1987)

Timothy Dalton is not one of my favorite versions of James Bond but I do like this opening song. And let me answer that question that may have just come to mind for you: Yes, A-ha did have other songs aside from “Take On Me.”

6. “Diamonds Are Forever” by Shirley Bassey (1971)

This is only one of three Bond songs Bassey sang and with lyrics like: “Unlike men, the diamonds linger; Men are mere mortals who are not worth going to your grave for. I don’t need love, for what good will love do me?” “Diamonds never lie to me, for when love’s gone, they’ll lustre on.” This song is by far one of my favorites.

5. “Tomorrow Never Dies” by Sheryl Crow (1997)

Crowe brought that 90s feel to this Bond song and the opening bars are incredible.

4. The World Is Not Enough by Garbage (1999)

Garbage’s Shirley Manson has such a gorgeous voice which only made this song even better. It has such a mesmerizing feel to it and fits perfectly for Bond.

3. “You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell (2006)

And with this badass song began the James Bond era of Daniel Craig.

2. “Goldfinger” by Shirley Bassey (1964)

The first of three songs sung by Bassey and one of the best vocals-wise, in my opinion.

Also, side note: apparently when “Writing’s On The Wall” was released, it was Bassey’s name that trended on Twitter instead of Smith who actually sang the song. Ouch yet again.

*Drum roll* No. 1 on my Bond song list is: “Skyfall” by Adele (2012)

This song blows “Writing’s On The Wall” away completely. And fun fact, “Skyfall” made Daniel Craig cry. I’m not surprised at all because I remember getting chills the first time I heard it. Four years after Quantum of Solace was worth the wait for this song and this movie.

“I cried. From the opening bars I knew immediately, then the voice kicked in and it was exactly what I’d wanted,” Craig said, “It just got better and better because it fitted the movie. In fact the more of the movie we made, the more it fitted.”

There you have it. My top 10 James Bond songs. I’m not saying this should be every Bond fan’s list, it’s just my version. Although I hope some of you can agree on this ranking. I’d also love to hear your personal top 10 Bond songs or your variation of my list in the comments below!

Until next time, I couldn’t think of a better way to end this post than with the song we all know and love, John Barry & Orchestra’s “James Bond Theme.”

Deadpool Shows the X-Men Who’s Boss


Source: Marvel Wikia

What better way to celebrate Deadpool officially becoming the highest-grossing X-Men film in the United States than with 372,844 pancakes, right, Wade? Mmm, victory.

Deadpool also remained at No. 1 for the second consecutive week. This weekend alone, internationally, the Merc with a Mouth pulled in $85 million. Currently, that means international sales for the film are up to $256.3 million and worldwide it’s up to $491.9 million.


I hope anyone who doubted the success of Deadpool is crying into their embarrassing self-righteousness while Deadpool fans, Ryan Reynolds and everyone who blessed us with this film revel in the awesomeness of it all.

And if you thought the awesomeness had ended after finally seeing Deadpool, think again. Ryan posted a “Dear Deadpool” video on his Facebook on Sunday which you can enjoy below!

Until next time, let me know what you thought of Deadpool…oh, and if you’ve recently had a chimichanga in honor of Wade or just because you love that deep-fried burrito goodness!

2016 SAG Awards Red Carpet Recap


What better way to squash those Monday blues than some red carpet fashion? Well, allow me to guide you right this way…

Saturday night was the 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards and as always the stars walked the red carpet before the show. There were quite a few gorgeous looks of the night, along with some questionable fashion choices, but let’s stick to the good highlights.

First up, Brie Larson. She not only won her first SAG award for Best Actress in a movie for Room, she won my vote of approval for her dress choice.

I thought Larson looked beautiful wearing Versace Couture, despite seeing some negative reviews. There’s just something about this dress that I’m obsessed with. It’s different and not a look many could pull off but for me, Larson had it styled perfectly. She wore her hair pulled back, simple and sleek, and didn’t wear too much jewelry or pair it with shoes that would distract from the dress.

Next, Emilia Clarke. The Game of Thrones star looked stunning in this Dior gown. The color, the length, it’s a combination of perfection for Clarke.

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

And of course, we have to give the gentlemen a few shout outs. One of my favorites was Christian Bale, who was nominated Saturday night for his supporting role in The Big Short. Both Bale and his wife, Sibi, wore Dolce&Gabbana. All black looks when it comes to suits are just so crisp, classy and a much-needed break from the typical black and white.

Just Jared, Photo #: 3564538

Another dapper gent of the evening was Finn Wittrock from American Horror Story. The actor rocked a Prada suit and was styled by Ashley Weston, who revealed his shirt was actually a pale dove gray. Although, it didn’t show up that way in the pictures.

Just Jared, Photo #: 3564861

And last but absolutely not least for the men, Idris Elba. The actor took home two SAG awards for his work in Beasts of No Nation and Luther and looked impeccable in an Ermenegildo Zegna three-piece suit. Elba is also pictured below with fellow nominee Rami Malek, who wore Ovadia & Sons.

Just Jared, Photo #: 3564487

Modern Family‘s Ariel Winter, who just celebrated her eighteenth birthday, looked gorgeous in a Romona Keveza gown. This one definitely topped my list of favorites when I saw her interviewed on the red carpet.

Image Source: Getty / Jeff Vespa

And one final look of the night, Kate Winslet. I looked at this Giorgio Armani dress and just thought, this is Kate. If you’ve seen Winslet’s red carpet fashion over the years, I hope you understand what I mean. Nothing too over the top or ostentatious, sleek and classy.

Image Source: Getty / Kevork Djansezian

Until next time, tell me who you thought owned that SAG red carpet best and I hope this little fashion recap helped make your Monday less of a bummer!

Happy SAG Awards Day!


Art Photo Credit: © 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards, LLC

Tonight are the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards, also one of my favorite awards shows of the season. (You can check out the nominees here!)

I’m really looking forward to seeing the red carpet fashion, the good and the bad. I’m also excited to see who the big winners are tonight. Is Leo going to win for his leading role in The Revenant? Will Brie Larson win again after receiving her Golden Globe this year for Room? The category for supporting male role should be interesting with Christian Bale (The Big Short), Idris Elba (Beasts of No Nation), Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies), Michael Shannon (99 Homes) and Jacob Tremblay (Room) all nominated.

Carol Burnett will also be presented with this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have the honor of presenting the prestigious award to Burnett.

Aside from Fey and Poehler, other presenters tonight include Mark Ruffalo, Kristen Wiig, and Julianne Moore. Just to name a few. And no matter who takes home a win, the SAGs are usually a good show. And even if they aren’t that good, the show only runs for about two hours so no dragging on and on.

You can catch E!’s Live From the Red Carpet coverage before the show at 6pm E.T. to see all of the fashion and red carpet arrivals. Then the SAGs begin at 8pm E.T. on both TNT and TBS.

Until next time, leave me your predictions for tonight below and if you’ll be watching, enjoy the show!