Arrow: Dark Waters


Let’s talk about that amazing Arrow mid-season finale! And I will give you fair warning right now. If you haven’t watched Wednesday’s episode stop reading, go watch it and then come back here and we’ll discuss. Unless you like spoiling yourself then by all means, continue on.

It all starts with the people of Star City cleaning up garbage near the bay, something Oliver organized as part of his campaign running for mayor. And before the insanity begins, we see Felicity and Laurel talking with a group of children. Felicity is sharing her awesome knowledge with them and we’re then greeted with a mini Felicity, glasses included. Thank you, Laurel, for pointing that out!

But all the helping out the environment and adorable moments couldn’t last too long because a drone swoops in and starts shooting at the people.

Felicity takes matters into her own hands, using her tablet to disarm the drone. But not before Oliver dives over and protects the mini Felicity from the shots.

Cut over to Oliver and Felicity’s place where Donna aka Mama Smoak is helping with the decorating for the holiday party and making sure Felicity’s Jewish heritage is honored. And as if Donna wasn’t already one of my favorite characters, she lets out a loud scream catching Felicity off-guard and turns around to show her daughter the engagement ring she just found.

Both of their reactions are fantastic but the subject of the ring comes up again later in the episode.

Oliver then calls Damien Darhk out on television and one of the best lines of the episode follows from one of Damien’s lackeys.

“Congratulations, Damien. You’re famous!” Yeah, I can’t see that guy walking away from that comment unscathed.

Malcolm shows some of his fatherly skills, it’s still surprising whenever that side of  him comes out. They do show up though when he warns Thea to be careful with the Damien Darhk business. To which Thea responds with the snark Malcolm deserves. She does pinky promise to be careful.

Finally we arrive at the holiday party where Curtis and his husband Paul walk in to be greeted by Oliver and Felicity. She sort of digs herself into a hole in typical Felicity fashion when she mentions being “practically engaged,” a mistake she clearly knows she made in saying and Oliver adorably looks at her in utter confusion as she rambles.

The embarrassment only continues when Felicity catches her mom kissing and flirting with Quentin. Donna actually refers to him as her boyfriend, surprising Quentin, who mentions to Felicity that Laurel knows nothing about the two of them. Felicity just wants to hit her head to forget everything she just saw.

Oliver and Felicity then talk to each other about the ring when she reveals that she found it. She thinks he might have changed his mind about asking her to marry him but Oliver denies this, noting that things got in the way.

Souffles also come to mind for Felicity. How can we forget Oliver’s disappointment after placing the ring in one of the souffles only to be interrupted by Laurel and Thea?



Gun shots ring out at the party and here enters Damien. And what’s the best way to hurt someone, Mr. Darhk? Oh right, you don’t punish them, you punish the ones he, aka Oliver, cares about the most.

So naturally Damien sends Oliver flying through glass into the next room with a little flick of his hand and kidnaps Felicity, Diggle and Thea.

Oliver is woken up by Donna breaking all of our hearts saying, “They took my baby girl!” He then sets out on a manhunt to find out where the hell Damien is located.

Laurel has a confrontation with Quentin about him working with Damien and learns not only about how Damien threatened her life but that Oliver knew all about this.

Malcolm storms into Team Arrow headquarters thoroughly pissed off because Thea is in danger courtesy of Damien. Soon after Oliver is meeting with Damien. Oliver states that he took his friends to make a point and that he made it. But Damien says he hasn’t made his point yet. Fantastic.


The man creepily talks about the Nazis and gas chambers, something you definitely want to hear villains like him discuss casually. Totally comforting. This is apparently a “project” Oliver will help with once he’s mayor. Yeah, don’t hold your breath, Darhk.

We then see a man clearly under Damien’s control walk into the chamber, which is turned on once he’s inside and he drops to the floor dead. Oliver is understandably livid and disgusted.

Oliver eventually gets to see Felicity where she makes you adore her even more and shows just how strong she really is, telling Oliver he’s not the boss of her and she decides whether she needs anyone’s protection. Try and tell me Felicity isn’t badass, I dare you!

She also reveals that she would have said yes if he had asked her to marry him. Yes, bask in that Olicity love.

Unfortunately that loving feeling fades away as we see Diggle, Felicity and Thea all locked in gas chambers while Oliver begins freaking out and banging desperately on the glass blocking him from Felicity. They mouth ‘I love you’ to each other.

The day is saved by Laurel using her Canary Cry to crack the chambers’ glass so Oliver can break them all out.

Oliver’s “I thought I lost you” and Felicity’s “I’m here! I’m here!” are enough to have you gasping for air between happy sobs that the two are reunited.

Hmm, do those words “I’m here” remind you of anything?


Malcolm enters dressed as the Green Arrow and he takes on Damien. They ALL proceed to kick some butt before Quentin arrives and he thankfully brought the cavalry.

Oliver is then attacked by Damien until Malcolm shoots him with arrows. Cue some strange mumbling from Damien, which is then followed by an explosion.

Another one of my favorite lines of the night was when Laurel mentions the building exploding with Damien inside it and Felicity claiming those types of guys don’t stay dead, especially if you don’t find a body. Basically horror movie 101.

The story line with Diggle and his brother continues and he tells Andy, who is still locked in his cage, he’d treat him like the man Andy claims he is, a ghost.

We also learn about a massive corn field Damien is showing to a group of people working with him. We’ll have to wait and see where that leads.

The end of the episode seems to be going out on a light note. The people of Star City are gathered to hear Oliver speak but he brings Felicity up with him. He talks about the city being united and how he is grateful for everyone there, especially one in particular.

Felicity. The one who lights the way for him. Oliver kneels down and finally proposes to which she happily says yes. Everyone watching including Donna, Thea, Laurel and Diggle all show their excitement for the couple.

But this is a mid-season finale so I sat on my couch soaking in everything happening (so I could be here writing this massive post for you) waiting for whatever heart-wrenching moment was waiting to kick us in the gut.

Oliver and Felicity are in the backseat of a limo. Felicity is admiring her ring while Oliver admires her. She says she doesn’t care about the ring though, she cares about Oliver and they kiss. Arrow writers, you really know how to wrench those heart strings.

The limo suddenly stops and Oliver is concerned about this, asking the driver what’s going on. In seconds, armed men arrive in SUVs and begin shooting up the limo. Oliver pulls Felicity underneath him on the floor of the limo, trying to protect her.

While this is all happening Damien is seen entering a home where it appears his wife and daughter are. Wonder what they would think about everything he’s been up to lately.

The driver is killed and Oliver jumps in the front seat in order to get them away from all of the firepower. Once they get away, he immediately jumps out and runs to the backdoor calling to Felicity. Oliver pulls her out and holds her in his arms while she is unconscious and bleeding. And that is how they left us hanging for the entirety of hiatus.

Aside from loving this mid-season finale and desperately needing this hiatus to go by quickly, I don’t have much more to say. I am a proud Olicity shipper so of course I was left staring inconsolably at my TV and I can only hope that grave we saw Oliver and Barry standing at earlier this season isn’t Felicity’s. Although I have a bad feeling it might be and I’m a wreck just thinking about that. (She can’t be dead so there has to be more to this…right?)

So if you have any thoughts about what’s to come during the second half of the season, leave those comments below!

Until next time fellow Arrow fans, check out the preview for Arrow when it returns on January 20, 2016!