Who Doesn’t Love Fun Facts?


It’s Wednesday so that means we have a new episode of Supernatural. But before “Into the Mystic” premieres tonight, I thought I’d give all of you SPN fans something to distract yourself for a little while. And what better way than some interesting tidbits about the man who gave us the Winchesters aka Eric Kripke?


If you’re following Kripke on Twitter you may have seen some of these. And let me tell you, his Twitter account is a gold mine for Supernatural facts you may have never known along with some information about himself.

Like me, I’m sure it’s hard for you to pick just one episode of Supernatural as your favorite because we have over 200 episodes to choose from. But for Kripke “Changing Channels” is his all-time favorite. I must agree that’s definitely on my list since I’ve watched it enough times to basically quote the entire episode. Don’t you judge me!

Kripke Enterprises, the production company behind Supernatural, has a connection to his family back home in Ohio.

There’s no denying your love for Bobby. I mean, the man was a hell of a lot better at raising Sam and Dean than their own father and until the day he died, and even afterwards, he did whatever he could to help those boys. Well, would you believe that the character of Bobby Singer was created because a previous guest star was unable to reprise their role?

Remember in “Hollywood Babylon” when that network executive kept giving the most ridiculous notes and requests for the movie being filmed? Well, real life can sometimes work as inspiration…

And sometimes all you need to do is Google something to help with your writing. Kripke’s decision to use the search engine lead to a familiar Angel of the Lord joining the SPN Family.

Kripke also apparently wanted what you do not want Mogwai to turn into to make an appearance on Supernatural. As much as I love the movie and despite how many ridiculous monsters of the week we’ve had on the show, I just cannot picture Gremlins being a great concept for the boys to face. Something I wouldn’t have thought of though, Kripke!

Ever wonder how Kripke originally pitched Supernatural to the studio? Well now you can read exactly that right below this little sentence here…

We all know it’s a season finale when we hear “Carry on Wayward Son” start playing and we can send our thanks to a certain old jukebox for that.

The other day was Dean’s birthday, January 24, and that just so happens to be Kripke’s wife’s birthday. Coincidence? Well…no. It’s not. Dean’s birthday was a tribute to her.

And to finish up with these fun facts, here’s another Supernatural birthday link to Kripke’s family. This time it’s Sam’s birthday matching up to Kripke’s son’s birthday and it’s awesome because what are the chances?

Currently Kripke, along with John Higgins and Glenn Fabry, released “JACKED” #2 last month from Vertigo Comics. If you’re interested in the series, you can check out “JACKED” #1, released in November 2015, here.

Update: You can also check out “JACKED” #3, released today, here!

Until next time fellow SPN Family members, enjoy tonight’s episode and maybe I’ll see you on Twitter live-tweeting!


Is It Wednesday Yet?


Since yesterday, January 24, was none other than Dean Winchester’s birthday, I thought we’d talk shop on Supernatural and two of my favorite brothers, the Winchesters.

If you aren’t caught up yet, the spoilers they are a coming so fair warning. Alright, I warned you…I know, sometimes spoilers are just so tempting so here we go.

As of right now Sam is finally out of Lucifer’s cage. Seeing him in there was heart-wrenching especially since this was the second time, at least physically for Sam. We can’t forget when Luci haunted the hell out of Sam in Season 7, which was basically like being stuck in a cage with that psycho for Sam.

I was just so happy to see protective older brother Dean when he found out where Sam was. The best seasons, at least in my opinion, have always been when the two brothers are fighting side by side despite whatever craziness was going on. Because when you get down to the core of it, Supernatural has been and always will be about Sam and Dean Winchester. Yes, there have been plenty of other important characters along the way. Bobby, Castiel, Charlie…just to name a few. But Sam and Dean are Supernatural. End of story.


They’re family and as we’ve seen over the course of eleven seasons, these two brothers will always choose each other. At times it might not be right away, which has left me on my couch clenching my hands into fists in frustration and muttering things at my TV at fictional characters. But Sam and Dean are each other’s strengths and weaknesses and no one comes before the other.

Even Eric Kripke has spoken similarly about the brotherly bond.

“The thematic of the show has been ‘family can overcome anything’. Nothing is more important than the bonds of family. It’s even more important than the bonds of Heaven and Hell. We give them lots of obstacles, but I believe – at the end of the day – that Sam and Dean will always come together because in the world-view of the show and in my own personal world-view, there’s no stronger force than family,” Kripke said in an interview with TVOvermind all the way back in 2012.

But I seriously digress!

So now that Dean and Castiel ventured into Lucifer’s cage, got the crap beat out of them along with Sam and eventually pulled Sam out of there, we are now left with…Lucifer arrogantly prancing around inside of Castiel’s/long dead Jimmy’s body.


And as much as I dread whatever horrible kick-in-the-stomach consequences are going to come from all of this, I’m honestly really excited to see Misha playing Lucifer! I know, I know, that sounds all kinds of crazy but that just comes with the territory of being a Supernatural fan since day one.

Even from the short scene we saw at the end of last week’s episode of Lucifer in Castiel’s body, my jaw dropped from how well Misha pulled off Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer. He must have sat down and studied the hell out of Mark’s mannerisms and speech because it was incredibly spot on! Just re-watch that scene again below, trust me.

We also got a trip down memory lane courtesy of Lucifer. And, of course, I totally needed a refresher of Season 5’s “Swan Song.” Sure, yeah, as if it wasn’t bad enough how much that season finale tore my heart to pieces (and also had a chance of being the last episode of Supernatural ever) I really needed to see Sam reliving it all. Oh, Supernatural writers, you are all well-versed in emotional torture…but I love you for it.

Lucifer expressed his confusion about Castiel’s use of ‘assbutt,’ we learned that smiting sickness is a thing thanks to Dean puking his guts up and we got to see a special appearance by Colin Ford playing young Sam again in a new glimpse into Sam’s past. Oh, and as you saw in the clip above, we had to say goodbye to yet another character aka Rowena. I was actually enjoying loving to hate her so I’m sad to see Ruth Connell go. But you never truly know when it comes to characters’ deaths on Supernatural so maybe we’ll see her again. Like we get to see Bobby again this season. In flashbacks but still, Bobby!

I cannot wait to see what the upcoming episodes have in store! I mean, we not only have an episode dealing with wrestling but there’s also one coming that has the boys back in time on a World War II submarine. I’m also dying for them to eventually gank the Darkness, who seriously needs to take a hike because I’m tired of Amara’s trouble-making and creepy affect on Dean.

And, as always, I continue to be amazed by the talent Jensen, Jared and the rest of this cast, crew and writers bring each and every week.

Until next time fellow SPN Family members, let me in on your thoughts about this season and I now leave you with this stab to the heart tweet from Mark Pellegrino 🙂