Captain America: Civil War – 54 Days & Counting


Source: BuzzFeed Twitter

Please tell me you’re still trying to compose yourself after that Captain America: Civil War trailer. It’s been two days since it was released and I’m still catching myself re-watching it.

Some of the cast did a question and answer session with fans via BuzzFeed’s Tumblr and one of the questions was, “Can you tell us if/how this/these conflict(s) will alter personal relationships and friendships in the group going forward?”

According to Chris Evans: “They will change the dynamic FOREVER”

And Joe Russo answered: “There will be a long lasting fallout from the events of this movie. It will significantly alter the psychology of the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward.”

Robert Downey Jr.’s answer when asked, “Send a pic of a facial expression for civil war as a whole,” was given via Vine:

Oh, you need more convincing that this movie will destroy us come May 6? How about Sebastian Stan’s three words to sum up Civil War?

“Brutal mental annihilation”


That’s incredibly comforting. So here, read how Stan felt during and after watching a cut of the movie.

“I sat there and basically there was a bowl of candy and fruit and gum in front of me and then there were sparkling waters and I basically sat on the edge of my couch the entire time and ate through the entire bowl of candy. I was overly stimulated with this movie, which I’m so proud to be in because everyone is fucking awesome in it. Everyone is fucking fantastic. I walked out of it speechless, and I worked on the movie and I was there! I walked out of there and I had back pain from leaning,” Stan told Collider.

We still have about 55 days left before we can experience Civil War for ourselves but with the way this year is going, May 6 will be here before we know it. And I. Cannot. Wait!

Until then, check out the newest trailer for Captain America: Civil War below, either for the first time or the fortieth time (no judgement here, I’m probably close to that or more). And leave me a comment with your reactions to the trailer!


Sebastian Stan Talks ‘heartbreaking’ ‘Captain America: Civil War’


Source: Captain America Twitter

Just the announcement of the title of the movie broke my heart, so to hear Sebastian Stan refer to Captain America: Civil War as heartbreaking has me worried for my comic book nerd heart.

Team Cap or Team Iron Man? How about Team Stop Making Me Choose Between Two Of My All-Time Favorite Superheroes? How does that sound? But according to Stan, the Cap and Iron Man showdown in May is going to hit us pretty hard.

“I think it’s going to be an epic experience for people,” Stan told Entertainment Tonight, “I’m very excited for people to hear and see what side everybody ends up on, ’cause it gets a little heartbreaking.”



But aside from our hearts breaking, Stan also referred to his fight scene with Robert Downey Jr. in Civil War as “amazing.”

“It’s inevitable not to geek out a little bit around Robert Downey Jr.,” he revealed, “Just to be around him [and] fight across from him was definitely a highlight!”

And you have to admit, that scene with Steve and Bucky battling it out together against Tony looks insane. It should be interesting to see how that turns out.

We’ll finally get to see exactly how that and everything else in Civil War turns out when May 6 rolls around (just 57 days from now but who’s counting?).

Until then, check out ET’s interview with Stan below and let me know who’s team you’re on (if you can choose) in the comments!

Captain America: Civil War – Whose Team Are You On?


Source: Captain America Twitter

Hmm…what can we talk about on this glorious Monday after Super Bowl 50? Oh! How about those 30 seconds during the new Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl spot when Marvel destroyed whatever stable emotions I had left after the last Civil War trailer? Because I experienced possibly too much in less than a minute.


Marvel really does have major ownership over my comic book-loving heart. I thought the last Civil War trailer was a lot to take in but yesterday was the Super Bowl so Marvel needed to step it up. I not only had to deal with Steve and Tony continuing to butt heads, I also had to witness a horrified-looking Wanda (god knows what she was seeing), Bucky hooked up to scary as hell machinery, a possibly critically injured Rhodey laying lifeless near Tony, Natasha watching huge explosions and last but absolutely not least, Bucky struggling with Tony and shooting the genius, who can thank his lucky stars he thought to wear bulletproof sunglasses, in the face.

And that all happened in a matter of about 30 seconds.


First off, it’s still tough for me to pick a side in this war. I’ve been Team Cap for the most part because Steve usually has the right things in mind. And I’ve read the Civil War comic and agreed with Steve’s side in that as well. But then I think about Tony and how people go after him with every little mistake he’s made making him out to be the wrongest person to ever be wrong ever.


Tony does have issues with not using his genius brain and making mistakes because of that. (We all know the creation of Ultron was a catastrophe but let’s move on from that, please) I’m also not making Steve out to be perfect. He’s probably going to be blinded somewhat by his friendship with Bucky. But Bucky is a touchy subject, especially for Tony.

For me personally, I like to think of Bucky and the Winter Soldier as two different people. The Winter Soldier is the brainwashed and tortured man that H.Y.D.R.A. transformed into their own monstrous tool to aid their psychotic agenda. Bucky is the man and best friend of Steve who was last seen falling from the train in The First Avenger. The Winter Soldier killed numerous people over the years including Tony’s parents, which makes him the last person Tony would want his friend Steve fighting to protect.

Tony never knew James aka Bucky, the guy who stuck up for Steve and stood by his side through everything growing up. He sees him as H.Y.D.R.A.’s personal murderer. But for Steve, he still sees Bucky as his best friend who he thought he lost but is back and starting to possibly remember who he really is. It’s such a heartbreaking situation, honestly.

And I know this isn’t ALL about Bucky. There are other aspects that come in to the film’s plot dealing with a differing view when it comes to political interference with the Avengers. But Bucky is a major part and you can see that from how much he was shown in the Super Bowl spot.

I can see both sides, Team Iron Man’s and Team Cap’s. But in the end, I have a really strong feeling I’m going to side with Cap. And no, I’m not just choosing his side because of good looks or anything trivial like that. I believe in what Steve stands for and I do not think the government or any political figures should be interfering with what the Avengers are doing. Who would even trust any of those people after we dealt with Senator Stern and Secretary of Defense Alexander Pierce? Both of whom make me completely livid just thinking about them.

H.Y.D.R.A. is still alive and kicking so the less people the Avengers have connected to them or have control over them, the better. It may not always be perfect the ways they protect the world, but the Avengers have proved they get things done in the end so government involvement is not required.

I just really need May 6 to roll around as quickly as possible so I can sit in that IMAX theater with my 3D glasses on and see how this Civil War turns out in the end. And if Steve and Tony aren’t back to being best buddies or at the very least friends after this war is over, you may find me in a pool of my own tears on the floor of said IMAX theater.


Because Infinity War is coming (hello 2018-Part I & 2019-Part II) and I need Steve and Tony on good terms along with Bucky, Natasha, Clint, Sam, Rhodey, Wanda, Scott, Vision and T’Challa. (Some of whom I have no clue yet will actually be in the next Avengers movies) And, yes, I just listed all of those characters.

I wonder what Thor and Bruce would have to say about this Civil War?…since we have to wait until Thor: Ragnarok to see those two. Let’s not go there right now though.

I could discuss all of this Civil War drama and upcoming Marvel movies goodness for hours on end with you but I’ll stop. For now, at least.

Until next time, though, feel free to vent your thoughts and declare whose side you’re on in the comments.

Are you Team Cap:

Or are you Team Iron Man:

Check out the Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl spot, again or for the first time, below to help make that decision!

It’s all out Civil War…


Well, not quite yet. We still have some time before Captain America: Civil War hits theaters (May 6, 2016…just about seven months away, but who’s counting? Me.)

Although we have to wait for the third Cap film, it doesn’t mean Marvel won’t tease us until then. I can tell you I was thrilled to see the Team Cap and Team Iron Man photos released. And then I saw Natasha was on Team Iron Man…

Okay, Marvel, you better explain that thoroughly in Civil War unlike how us fans had the whole Bruce/Natasha relationship flung in our faces in Age of Ultron. I will forever be confused where that idea came from.

Don’t build up a close partnership and the possibility of a relationship if it works into the story line like Clint and Natasha and then toss it out the window. (And give Clint a secret wife and kids?! I still want to know what my face looked like in the theater when we first saw his family. It probably matched Steve’s during that scene.)

The same goes for Natasha and Steve. We got to see the awesome growth of their friendship in The Winter Soldier and now we’re supposed to believe Nat sides with Tony in Civil War? Please, I’m just praying it will all make sense.

I’m putting my faith in the writers and the Russo Brothers only because they did such an incredible job on The Winter Soldier.

Anyway, before I start rambling about more stuff this post wasn’t originally intended for, let’s get to why I’m actually writing this post.

Teasers leading up to Civil War. We’ve discussed the team photos, which also showed Bucky on Team Cap. I’m unbelievably excited to see how that plays out.

And of course, the after credits scene at the end of Ant-Man *SPOILERS AHEAD* that showed Steve and Sam finding Bucky in pretty bad shape was the ultimate tease. I wanted Civil War to start playing on the screen right then and there.

This week’s season premiere of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. also gave us a potential Civil War easter egg during President Ellis’ address on TV in regards to the threats presented by the otherworldly beings popping up all over.

The battle of New York (thanks, Loki) is mentioned along with London (hey there, Thor) and Sokovia (yeah, you too, Ultron). This brings about a new task force titled the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, or ATCU.

Could this be what leads to Steve and Tony facing off against each other? Or something similar? Because we know the plot of Civil War deals with the Avengers disagreeing on how to ‘deal with situations’ so something like the task force could be behind it all.

I’m among the fans who thought putting Steve and Tony at odds with each other was a little uncalled for, especially right after we’ve just seen them become good friends and Avenger teammates. But over time, I’m becoming more and more excited and interested to see how this all plays out.

I can only imagine that Steve will be right about whatever craziness ensues and Tony will eventually realize his wrongs because with his current track record, when has Tony not screwed up lately?

Yeah, exactly.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Tony to death. Iron Man is one of my all-time favorite superheroes but when it comes to your favorites, you have to be able to admit when they do have faults. And Tony has plenty. I could write a feature story on the subject. (Relax, I’m not going to include it here)

For now, though, we’ll just have to see what else Marvel teases us with and resort to getting our feelings out through tweets and posts on the Internet. Like I just did. (Go me!)

Until next time, fellow Marvel fans, dazzle me with your theories and we can discuss together!

As If You Need Another Reason to Adore Chris Evans…


Need to make your day better with some Evans brothers singing and playing piano together? Of course you do!

This brotherly moment was posted by Chris’ brother Scott, who took the opportunity to embarrass his brother some more (check out another moment of brotherly humiliation here that took place during the press tour of Avengers: Age of Ultron) while the Captain America: Civil War star spent some time off from shooting the film to visit with his family.

After enjoying the down time and relaxation, Evans is back to work on Civil War expected May 2016. And with the recent news that Age of Ultron has become the fifth film in history to pass the $900 million box office mark internationally, Marvel Studios just continues to roll out its box office superhero hits.

Captain America: Civil War has already drawn the fans’ attention ever since the title was officially announced late last year and the cast is jam-packed similar to how the Avengers films have been. From Evans to Robert Downey Jr., the cast also includes Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Sebastian Stan, Elizabeth Olsen, Anthony Mackie, Paul Rudd and the list goes on from there.

Another member of the Captain America: The Winter Soldier cast, Hayley Atwell, who is not listed in the cast for Civil War, was on set the other day and did not hesitate to tweet about her time there. (There have been posts and reports that her character Peggy Carter passes away and the funeral takes place in the upcoming film)

Seriously, if you don’t follow Atwell on Twitter I highly suggest it! She’s hilarious and always tweets the best behind the scenes goodies from her ABC show Agent Carter (which just so happened to get picked up for a second season).

Until next time, fellow entertainment junkies, let’s all wait oh so impatiently for Civil War next year. But at least we have Ant-Man this July and whenever Age of Ultron is released on Blu-ray/DVD we can watch that on repeat. (The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy have been my go to movies as of late)

And as always, leave me any thoughts or comments below!