The Walking Dead: Two Episodes of Season 6 Remain


Source: The Walking Dead Twitter

Apparently when you tweet a simple tweet talking about being petrified to find out what the last two episodes of The Walking Dead have in store, some jerk will end up replying with potential spoilers.


To the dude who thought that was perfectly okay to do: If those spoilers my eyes obviously couldn’t avoid in my notifications end up being true, well, I hope karma stealthily sneaks up on you somehow. I’d say I hope someone spoils all of your favorite TV shows but you’re clearly a fan of spoilers so that’d be pointless of me to hope for.

Seriously though, you’re obviously free to post pretty much whatever your heart desires on your social media accounts. But sending someone spoilers who clearly did not ask for them (and in my case, was successfully avoiding until now) is just plain wrong.

Moving on from horrible people who obviously can’t have nice things, how many of you are actually petrified for the last two episodes of The Walking Dead? Because I’m seriously nervous about who is and who isn’t going to survive!

Spoilers from this past Sunday night & the comics ahead!


I wasn’t surprised by how upset I was when Denise was killed because I’ve come to really like her. She didn’t deserve to die (especially like that and after showing she can step up and be brave), Tara doesn’t deserve to lose her and, correct me if I’m wrong, now our group of survivors doesn’t have a doctor. Fantastic.

[After thought and something I actually stupidly just thought of now: Isn’t it funny how Denise died from an arrow through the eye since she saved Carl from his horrific eye injury? I can’t be the only one who connected that! She also died how Abraham died in the comics.]

We also have to talk about Eugene stepping UP. Biting that a**hole in the junk?! That was definitely one major way to catch a guy off-guard! And his idea regarding the bullets and ammo is certainly genius. You go, Eugene!


And Carol. Oh, Carol. She’s starting to irritate me again and I really don’t want that version of her back. I need badass Carol, not ‘I’m going to leave a cryptic note and leave for some out of nowhere reason’ Carol. C’mon! None of that is going to turn out well, we all know that. Especially with Negan looming in the very near future.

My emotions and mental state are just not ready for the end of this season. We’re also getting a 90-minute season finale, which means more time to have us gaping at our TVs enduring the unavoidable stress and heartbreak The Walking Dead gives us each week.

“I love this show!” I say while curled up in a ball as my eye twitches and I endlessly wonder how these characters stay sane in their walker infested and psychopath survivors-filled world.


Until next time, check out a sneak peek from next Sunday’s new episode that will certainly make Richonne shippers happy and leave me your thoughts on the end of this season in the comments below!


The Walking Dead: ‘We Are All Negan…’


Source: The Walking Dead Twitter

Did you need more proof that Maggie and Carol are absolute badasses? Well, I’m pretty sure last night’s episode of The Walking Dead cleared that little predicament up for you.

Also, how much did you despise Paula, Michelle, Molly and Donnie? Especially Molly. After she started smoking around Maggie all I wanted her to do was cough up a lung. But she got what she deserved. And Donnie’s walker self came in handy after he was a complete ass earlier. Thank you for your awesome last minute planning and ideas, Maggie and Carol.

Moving on, at first I thought Carol was putting on an act, frightened and hyperventilating. But towards the end of the episode, I realized some of those emotions while she was talking to Paula were genuine. There was also no doubt that she saw some of herself in Paula. And I think that scared Carol. She clearly wasn’t alright after they got out of there, even admitting that to Daryl but I’m hoping everything she experienced last night will only make her stronger and cause her to work on avoiding ending up in Paula’s state of mind.

Although I don’t want that to void out the strong woman Carol has become. Strong, confident and badass Carol gives me life and makes me forget how much I didn’t like the old Carol.

And I think we can all agree on Carol and Maggie being friendship and mini squad goals. If I was stuck in a similar situation during the walker apocalypse, I’d definitely want Maggie or Carol fighting by my side.

As I sat there watching last night’s episode, I also thought we might see someone die. Yes, people died but they were the bad guys and ultimately deserved what they got. Paula’s face getting bit off was pretty awesome. But none of our main group was taken from us which just makes me scared for what’s going to happen in the last three episodes left of this season.


I’m still awaiting Negan’s reveal. Because although multiple people said they were Negan, we all know they were just saying that and they’re nothing compared to the real Negan. Did I mention how scared I am for what’s to come? I seriously am though.

Anyway, until next time, we just have to wait and see what the next three Sunday nights have in store for us and you can check out the little sneak peek for next week’s episode “Twice As Far” below!

The Walking Dead: ‘The Same Boat’ Sneak Peek


Source: The Walking Dead Twitter

So who sat there watching The Walking Dead this past Sunday thinking to themselves…”Oh god, who’s going to die?”

When episodes of TWD begin all happy or more “normal” than usual, it usually doesn’t end well for a character. But *Spoiler Alert* no one died in the last episode. Well…none of the main characters. Plenty of the Saviors died. And good riddance, especially after seeing those disturbing pictures one of them had proudly displayed on their wall.

Side note: My heart broke for Glenn making his first non-walker kill. But I’m sure seeing those pictures made it a little easier for him. Hopefully.


That doesn’t mean next week won’t destroy us. Maggie and Carol are currently hostages, taken by who knows who. And whoever they are, they’re not only on Rick’s sh*t list but Glenn’s, Daryl’s, Michonne’s and so on. So good luck to them.

I’m still waiting to finally see Negan because I think Rick is going to realize he and his group are the ones messing with the wrong people. He has no idea what’s coming their way and honestly, neither do we. I am hoping they stick somewhat closely to the comics when it comes to Negan because he is a crazy psycho that will only amplify the intensity of TWD.


That reveal when we finally meet Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan should be awesome so we’ll just have to sit impatiently and wait.

Until next time, check out a sneak peek for next Sunday’s new episode of The Walking Dead titled “The Same Boat” as well as the preview and as always leave me your thoughts and predictions below!

The Walking Dead: Spoilers Inside



It was a casual Wednesday night. I was scrolling through Twitter catching up on some tweets after doing some Supernatural live-tweeting. And there it was. Spoilers. From The Walking Dead.

I mean, it’s Twitter. Spoilers can typically run rampant everywhere on your timeline. But for once, I was actually happy to see these specific spoilers. And I’m about to reveal those spoilers to you now so fair warning!


We very well might finally get Rick and Michonne together AKA Richonne. This just makes me even happier that Jessie, Sam and Ron are all gone. I personally never liked their characters and just saw them as another distraction that would weigh down the group due to their inexperience and sheltered lives in Alexandria.

And I’ve seen some people say, “But Rick was happy! If you like Rick, you’d want him happy!” Rick is one of my favorite characters and I would love to see him happy, very true. But nothing felt right about him and Jessie to me.

Now Rick and Michonne? That seems about right to me. They have a bond that has just grown over time and her relationship with Carl is incredible. Rick and Michonne have been through more horrible situations than they can count, they can relate to each other and have been their for one another (Michonne turning Ron into a kebab that even Deadpool would approve of it, for example).


Never trusting the Internet 100%, I won’t believe any of the details about this supposed scene until I see it for myself. But I want it to happen. I ship it and if you don’t that’s okay. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to shipping characters. If there was anyone who would make sense for Rick to be with though, Michonne’s in the lead. (Sorry, Ressie shippers)

So now after seeing these spoilers it’s only made me want Sunday to be here even more. Oh, the concerning emotional attachment I have to the endless TV shows I watch.

Until next time Richonne shippers and TWD fans, Sunday night will be here before we know it and we’ll get to see what lies ahead for the group!

The Walking Dead: ‘No Way Out’


Source: AMC

Have you caught your breath yet?

Because we were not wrong in being nervous about what The Walking Dead mid-season premiere had in store. Beware of major spoilers ahead!

We got to see the continued confrontation between Daryl, Abraham, Sasha and Negan’s crew on the motorcycles. If that crew if any indication of what’s in store with Negan himself then we might as well toss our emotions on the floor since they’re bound to be destroyed.

That confrontation which had the possibility of Abraham and Sasha both getting shot ended in Daryl blowing Negan’s crew to kingdom come with one of the RPGs. Thank god for badass Daryl! Oh, and Abraham continued on with his questions of who people are. Remember “Who’s Deanna?” Well, you can now add “Who’s Negan?” to that list.

After that cut to commercial we were sent back to Alexandria and that huge nightmare. Quick summary: Rick decided to trust Father Gabriel with Judith, that pleasant Wolf took off with Denise only to get bit in the process, Sam had flashbacks to everything Carol warned him about seconds before getting attacked and mauled by walkers, Jessie watched on while holding onto her son which lead to her getting bit and Rick having to chop her hand off so Carl could get away. Then “porch dick jr.” Ron pulled a gun on Rick intent on shooting him for everything that’s happened, including his mom and brother just getting eaten by walkers, but instead Ron gets taken out by Michonne (YES!), fires the gun and…ends up shooting Carl in the face.


If you’ve read or know the comic books, you might have seen some of this coming like I did. That certainly doesn’t make last night’s episode any less intense. I was glued to my TV throughout the entire episode and impatiently waiting to see what the hell else could possibly happen.

(P.S. I wasn’t entirely heartbroken to see the Anderson family leave us like they did, to be honest. Ron deserved it for plenty of reasons, Sam was not cut out for the life Rick and the gang were used to and I never fully like Jessie to begin with. That’s just my opinion though.)

Of course, there was more. Glenn and Enid went to save Maggie from where she was stuck surrounded by walkers. This was another gasping for air moment when we watched Glenn get surrounded by walkers himself while he distracted them away from Maggie. It looked like he was a goner…again. But all hail Abraham and Sasha who arrived with guns ablaze just in time.

Father Gabriel surprised each and every one of us by stepping up and ditching his usual cowardice behavior by protecting Judith and instilling a sense of empowerment into the surviving members of Alexandria.

Rick thankfully got Carl to the infirmary where Denise began working on him. Rick then went into a blind rage as he went back outside and just started killing as many walkers as he could. This caused a domino affect with Michonne and the rest of the crew to follow after him and join in on the walker killing.

Daryl let out the propane/gasoline from the truck he arrived in which enabled him to light the small body of water nearby aflame and attract the walkers to the fire.

There was also the continued tension between Carol and Morgan and I hope she keeps putting that man in his place because I am so sick of Morgan’s behavior and view on things.

Eventually at the end of the episode Rick sits at Carl’s bedside while his son rests after Denise worked on his eye. He tearfully begs his son to be okay so he can show Carl the new world and hopefully one day have his son live a good and long life (is that even possible in this walker world? I mean, I’m hoping so too, Rick, but let’s be serious here). I admit, I got pretty teary-eyed while Rick spoke to Carl. These are two of my favorite characters so it was tough seeing their exchange.

But finally and thankfully we got to see Carl’s hand squeeze Rick’s and we have a glimpse of hope. At least for now.

Next week’s episode looks just as action-packed. Rick and Daryl also seem to be off on a mission of their own together. And cue our desperate need for Sunday to come quicker each week now that TWD is back.

Last night’s episode was by far one of the BEST episodes out of all of The Walking Dead seasons. It was unbelievably well-done and only makes me even more excited for the rest of the events we’ll get to see this second half of the season.

Until next time, let me know what you thought of the mid-season premiere and leave me your predictions of what else you think we might get to see directly out of the comic books!

Check out a little sneak peek of next week’s episode below.

Happy Walking Dead Day!


This is really just a gratuitous Walking Dead post to get excited for tonight so…yeah…


I 100% will most likely not have those booyah feelings after the mid-season premiere. With the guarantee of death and fear of what the hell else will happen the rest of this season, there’s no way I’m sitting on my couch with a big smile. Yes way to sitting on said couch with tears streaming down or with a horrified look on my face.

That sounds about right. And Valentine’s Day? Pfft. TWD has taken over this day. And if you are celebrating and your valentine doesn’t want to watch tonight’s premiere with you…then I’m judging hard. Love is watching your favorite TV shows together.

So grab your overpriced chocolates and candy, maybe a drink (you’ll probably need it), make yourself comfortable and prepare. for. the. WORST!


That was dramatic. Sorry. Heh, no I’m not. But, seriously, you know this show doesn’t play around.

Until next time, enjoy the mid-season premiere at 9pm on AMC and let’s discuss our feelings during the week!

The Walking Dead: Prepare Yourself For Sunday


Image Credit: DAN WINTERS for EW

Tomorrow is finally the day we’ve been impatiently waiting for since the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. Rick and the gang are back!

But who will survive and who will die? Because according to executive producer Robert Kirkman, “Some people are going to die, that is one hundred percent true.”


I mean, we really should expect that after watching this show for so long. At the same time though, you try not to think about it as the group we love becomes smaller and smaller.

When it comes to Rick and how he’ll handle things once they have to deal with life outside of Alexandria again, we might see another change in Grimes’ view of how to adapt.

“Well, anyone who’s been paying attention to the show knows that Rick’s views are always evolving, and I think that’s one of his strengths. As he experiences more, as he learns more, his viewpoint changes, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but he is constantly trying to feel his way around this new world and adapting to it,” Kirkman explained.

He also went on to say, “I would say that moving forward, I would expect things to be no different. Just because in the first half of the season he felt one way doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s going to be that way moving forward, and I would say that the loss of Deanna, and everything that he had learned from her during his time in Alexandria is going to have a meaningful impact on him that is going to change the way he’s thinking moving forward.”

As for Daryl? Well, get ready for some pissed off Dixon during the second half of this season. And even though we already know Negan is coming, there are still some surprises in store for us.

“There’s so much chaos happening in the second half. As far as Daryl is concerned, he is pissed off. He’s had his stuff taken from him. He put himself out there and trusted some people, and it did backfire on him, and I think he comes back super pissed off. There’s a lot of that element for me. I mean, I know you know the bad guys that are coming. It’s been announced and well displayed for everyone to see, but there’s definite surprises coming with all of that, and you know, it’s battle time,” Norman Reedus told Entertainment Weekly.

And just how angry will Daryl get?

According to Reedus, “He’s headstrong now, and he’s kind of turning into the same sort of aggressive person he was in the first part of the show, going back to his roots. I think he would definitely be making Merle proud right now.”

That’s comforting. Merle wasn’t exactly the type of person you’d want to make proud, at least in the beginning. So it should be interesting seeing what Daryl does the rest of this season.

Until next time, take a deep breath, try to prepare yourself for the emotional damage the mid-season premiere will cause us and have a Happy Valentine’s Day with The Walking Dead at 9pm this Sunday!