TV Show Goodie Bag…


If you’ve been reading my blog or even if you just came across it (Hello there!), you most likely watch way too many TV shows like me. So I thought I’d give you news on some of my, and hopefully your, favorites.

Let’s start with the very soon approaching Netflix premiere of Jessica Jones. I refuse to make my judgement of the series before I actually watch it. And although I’ve been seeing good things so far leading up to its premiere on Friday November 20, I saw one of the first reviews that had a few somewhat negative thoughts.

Let’s start with the positives first. According to Entertainment Weekly, Krysten Ritter, who plays our superhero Jessica, “looks and acts like a bruised comic-book heroine: Her amused eyebrow arch could’ve been inked by a line artist, and her dry, I’m so bored with you wit betrays a deep vulnerability.”

They also said the cinematography shows the dark beauty of the real New York. This reminds me of how Daredevil portrayed Hell’s Kitchen in New York. Daredevil showed New York in a very different way than the way we saw it in let’s say The Avengers. So I’m guessing Jessica Jones will have a similar feel to Daredevil but will hopefully establish its own ground so we’re not left just comparing it to our time with Matt Murdock in Hell’s Kitchen.

Overall EW gave Jessica Jones a ‘B,’ which isn’t anything to get discouraged about. Their negative remarks say the series contains clichés like saxophone music and shadows through glass and has a CSI feel to it. But I’m holding out hope so as soon as Friday rolls around we’ll be able to find out for ourselves!


Onto Oliver Queen and company. On Arrow we’ll be learning more about Diggle’s brother, Andy, and how he’s *SPOILER ALERT IF YOU’RE NOT CAUGHT UP* still alive. But of course that comes with a catch because although he’s alive, he’s apparently being controlled by good ole Damien Darhk.

For years, Diggle has believed his brother was killed and has been searching to find answers to it all. Now that he knows that Andy’s dirty past was the reasoning behind his death, Diggle wants nothing more than to finally destroy Darhk and H.I.V.E.

“There has to be a finishing through-line to this Andy-Diggle story, which has really been [going on] since season 1, and finding out what his involvement was with H.I.V.E. really adds fuel to the fire in terms of him getting to the bottom of it,” David Ramsey (John Diggle) said.

Ramsey also said that Diggle is very committed to the team and how Oliver and Felicity are his family. And because of everything with H.I.V.E and Darhk, he will need the help of Team Arrow.

“Now, since Damien Darhk is on the scene, and he is so entrenched in H.I.V.E., it’s going to be require the whole team to be closer than ever before, because Damien Darhk is a badass.”


As for Team 5-0 over on Hawaii Five-0, we’ll soon find out more about the ongoing Gabriel storyline. Episode 10 will be the last episode before new episodes return in 2016 and that episode will have a “big turn” in the Gabriel/Adam storyline, according to TV Guide.

Peter Lenkov, H50’s showrunner said, “It’s definitely going to affect Kono and Adam’s relationship,” and added, “That threat is not going away. … He’s definitely a big presence in their lives and everybody else’s.”


In Saturday Night Live news, we have some awesome hosts to look forward to in December. Ryan Gosling will be hosting on December 5 with musical guest Leon Bridges, Chris Hemsworth returns as host on December 12 with musical guest Chance the Rapper and last but certainly not least, Tina Fey AND Amy Poehler will be co-hosting on December 19 with musical guest Bruce Springsteen.


Until next time, fellow TV show junkies, enjoy your shows and keep an eye out for more goodie bags!


If TV shows can go on hiatuses, so can I…


It’s about time I dust away the cobwebs on this blog of mine. And with the returns of so many television shows from mini hellatuses hiatuses and the anticipation of upcoming movies, what better time to get back to writing! I’ll have plenty to cover so bear with me (if you’re even still reading my posts…or if you’re new, Welcome!).

Expect a new post soon, my fellow entertainment junkies. Pinky swear…so you know I mean it!

Looking Ahead…


I don’t have anything in particular to legitimately ramble about today but I will in the coming days. I’ll be posting a review of The Fault in Our Stars once I see it later this week (I am impatiently waiting to finally see this movie because I absolutely fell in love with the book).

I’ve also decided to possibly do random song of the day posts…no real set up with those posts, I won’t post one every single day but if a certain song is on replay in my head I’ll create a quick post with a YouTube video of the song. Simple, fun and the songs won’t necessarily be new songs…they’ll range anywhere from new to ‘wow, I almost forgot how much I love this song!’

So since I have nothing special to talk about, let me know what you’re currently obsessing over at the moment! Movies, TV shows (Perception is returning June 17th…anyone a fan of Dr. Pierce & company?), music, a certain celebrity, anything & everything… leave a comment and let’s talk 🙂

Until next time, fellow entertainment junkies!