Brotherly Hugs on the Set of Supernatural


We all know, or now you do, that Supernatural is currently filming the end of Season 11 and wrapping up this season soon in Vancouver. And with that comes thoughts of the season finale.

Are you guys even ready for that yet? Because I know I, for sure, am not. It feels as if this season just started so I’m not ready to say goodbye to the Winchesters until October.

There have also been some on-set photos released of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki shooting scenes together. One of those scenes includes a hug and that hug is what is worrying me.

Source: Just Jared Jr., Photo #: 955988

To me, Sam looks like he’s clutching Dean in that hug. It looks sad and heart-wrenching and almost like a goodbye or a ‘I might not see you again’ hug. See where I’m going here…? Can you also see how invested I am in this show?

If this has anything to do with Dean and the Darkness/Amara, I’m going to scream. I need them to destroy this Darkness, shove her in a box or a cage, anything to get rid of her because her whole “connection” with Dean is downright disturbing and Dean doesn’t deserve that. The last thing he needs is more reasons to think he’s toxic.

Source: Just Jared Jr., Photo #: 955993

Check out the expression on Dean’s face in the photo above. He’s not happy. He’s pissed, he’s hurting and that’s his ‘I’m going to beat someone/something’s ass’ look…or he’s just giving in to the Darkness. For the love of Chuck, don’t be that last option.

After eleven seasons, I like to think that I can easily recognize these characters’ facial expressions and Jensen does such an incredible job portraying how Dean is feeling just through those facial expressions and without any words needed.

Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard and Ruth Connell were also on set. And from the looks of a tweet posted by Jose Manzano, a camera technician for Supernatural and you may also recognize him from past gag reels, Rob Benedict was filming scenes a few days ago as well. Are we getting a God/Amara showdown…? Only time will tell. And as I typed that I realized I just quoted song lyrics from Asia. At least Dean would be proud of me.


Check out Manzano’s tweet below!

Until next time, SPNFamily, any thoughts on what the rest of Season 11 has left for us or predictions for the season finale? Then leave me all of those thoughts (spoiler free, please and thank you) in the comments below and let’s discuss!

Supernatural returns on Wednesday April 27 so check out the preview for the next new episode, “The Chitters.”


Winchester Wednesday: Red Meat


Source: Supernatural Twitter

“No more second chances. I’m here to reap you.”

Not something we haven’t heard before on Supernatural, not exactly something we enjoy hearing though.


Tonight’s episode is titled “Red Meat”and it marks the return of Billie the Reaper. And from the episode description alone what we have to look forward to is a pair of werewolves, their two victims, Sam getting shot (and potentially reaped) and Dean acting as savior big brother and hunter with a pack of werewolves on their trail.

So we have nothing short of emotional and mental stress waiting for us. The usual for us, SPNFamily, right?

And what I’m about to fill you in on will only add to that stress. Curious? Alright! Let’s talk about how Jensen and Jared feel Supernatural should end!


Relax. Especially since we’ve thankfully got a Season 12 to look forward to and with how well the show’s been doing, it doesn’t look like the end is coming anytime soon. Fingers crossed!

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the boys talked about all the different ways they’ve thought Supernatural should end and how over the years those possibilities have changed with each new season of the show.

“If you’d asked me season 1, I would’ve thought that it would’ve been the apocalypse. But then again, you can’t end the TV show with the worst thing happening,” Ackles said, “As we’ve evolved, I think that there’s different roads that the show could certainly go down that would be interesting. I think we’ve taken some really good turns.”

If we only ever got one season of Supernatural and it ended with the apocalypse starting or looming ahead, I probably would have dropped off of my couch into a puddle of tears. I already have enough traumatic memories from “Swan Song” and that nerve-wracking waiting period we had until we heard whether the Winchesters would be around for another season.

“It’s changed a lot over time. Part of me, loving Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, always thought it’d be great to see the boys against insurmountable odds and to freeze-frame on them and just hear stuff in the background. You don’t know if they die, you don’t know if they live, but you know that they’re going to go out in a blaze of glory,” Padalecki revealed.

This would be an interesting yet frustrating end for the show. I’d rather not have a Sopranos type of ending where something happens and then we have no clue what actually happened to the brothers.


Padalecki then added, “And then I went back and watched a few of the episodes, I watched through ‘Swan Song’ and the scene of the boys laying on the hood of the Impala. I think that’d be a nice way to go out if we had to — watching the end of the world. Or looking up at us from the trunk and throwing the weapons in and saying we’ve got work to do. All of those kind of leave room for opinion and room for interpretation. I don’t think we should see the boys die or live, we should wonder.”

That I think we can all live with. The boys just continuing their hunting. And I do love that idea of the scene being from the perspective of the Impala’s trunk and that memorable “We’ve got work to do,” line.

And as Padalecki said, “The boys can’t stop fighting.” Which is true. If the boys get out alive in the end, there’s no way they’d stop hunting and protecting people from the things that creep around in the dark.

But who knows if they’ll end up alive or dying…or one of the brothers dying. I’m starting to break my own heart right now.

“It’s either going to end tragic or it’s going to end not tragic, and I can kind of make an argument for both,” Ackles said, “I don’t really know where it’s going to go. I always thought Dean would make the ultimate sacrifice for his brother. I guess if I had to choose something, that’s probably what I would choose.”


Heart crumbling into pieces, for sure. Although, of course I can see Dean dying to protect Sam. They’ve both had that mentality since the beginning. And if we’re speaking honestly here, like I always do with you guys, none of us will be happy unless Supernatural ends the right way. A way most of us can agree is the way that just feels right for the Winchesters.

Let’s not think about Supernatural leaving us anymore though because hopefully we have plenty more good years with Sam and Dean. I am definitely not ready to say goodbye to them.

But if you have any interesting ideas of how you’d want Supernatural to end, please send them my way and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time, SPNFamily, enjoy tonight’s new episode and maybe I’ll see you during my live-tweeting on Twitter!

Happy Birthday Jensen Ackles!


Source: Jensen Ackles Facebook

“Hey, Tuesday! Pig ‘n a poke!” What a perfect way to celebrate Jensen’s 38th birthday.



Wait a minute…”Do you even know what that is?” Probably not, but it’s Jensen’s birthday so who cares. Google it later.

Right now, send some birthday wishes his way via social media and to celebrate, check out the video below of a bunch of funny Dean Winchester moments from throughout the seasons!


Until next time, Happy Birthday Jensen! Thank you for always making me smile and bringing what has become one of my all-time favorite characters to life.

Just Four Days Left for ‘You Are Not Alone’ Campaign


Photographer: Monica Duff

If you’re a part of the SPNFamily and a fan of Supernatural or just want to support an amazing campaign, don’t forget to check out Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins’ “You Are Not Alone” campaign.

You have about four days left as of today so hurry and grab yourself a t-shirt or a sweatshirt or a cinch bag. The prices run from $22.99 to $39.99, much like the other campaigns Jared Padalecki and Jensen have done recently.

The campaign supports the new SPNFamily Crisis Support Network. This fan-based community is the result of Random Acts partnering with IMAlive and To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) to create a place where fans can go to get the help they need.

The SPNFamily Crisis Support Network is described as “a fan-led community support system where trained fans can help other fans deal with depression, self-injury, and addiction.”

“This campaign is raising the funds needed to develop the community platform, train eligible fan volunteers to be crisis responders, and help get fans in crisis the help they need in their own communities.”

And if you have any questions or if you’d like to learn more about becoming a crisis support volunteer, you can contact this email address:

Source: Misha Collins Facebook

As soon as I heard about the campaign, my admiration for the Supernatural cast continued to grow even more. Ever since Jared started “Always Keep Fighting” and shared his battle with anxiety and depression, I truly learned how much these guys do care for their fans.

Anxiety, depression, addiction, self-injury…none of these are easy to live with or talk about so having the SPNFamily and developing this community is incredible and could be exactly what some fans need to help themselves. Even the littlest bit of help or encouragement can go a long way.

Jensen and Misha have also been posting short videos on their Facebook pages to remind fans (and Jensen) that “You are not alone.” You can check out a couple of them here and here!

So if you can, support “You Are Not Alone,” grab some awesome merchandise and continue to make the SPNFamily a supportive place for us fans!

Until next time, don’t forget (as if we could) that there’s a brand new episode of Supernatural tonight at 9pm!


Supernatural: ‘Beyond the Mat’


Photo: Liane Hentscher/The CW

After the way last week’s episode of Supernatural ended with Jensen breaking my heart simply with Dean’s facial expressions, I’m ready for a fun episode this Wednesday.

Or at least I’m hoping “Beyond the Mat” is actually fun and isn’t one of those episodes that appears that way until the last few minutes where the writers deviously throw in a sneak attack and rip our hearts out of our chests. We should probably expect that by now.

The episode centers around Sam and Dean attending the funeral of a wrestler they used to be fans of when they were kids. Using this time to also take a break from the major stress that is the Darkness, they then go to the next wrestling match to relive a fond childhood memory. But when another wrestler winds up dead the Winchesters are called to duty. (There’s also some Crowley and, if the gravelly voice is any indication, hopefully Castiel too as shown in the preview)

Photo: Liane Hentscher/The CW

Seeing the boys this happy and excited in the promo photos is amazing and I’m going to hold onto that as long as I can before that’s all destroyed by whatever lies in wait the rest of the season with the Darkness.

WWE wrestler Mike “The Miz” Mizanin also guest stars in “Beyond the Mat” as Shawn Harley, a fiery-tempered wrestler who easily pushes everyone’s buttons. Not much of a stretch for The Miz if you know his personality in the WWE.

Photo: Liane Hentscher/The CW

Until next time SPN Family, check out the preview for this Wednesday’s new episode of Supernatural below and let me know some of your predictions for the rest of Season 11!

Rob Benedict Returns to Supernatural


Source: Sweatpants&

Since it’s Winchester Wednesday, I bring you news of Rob Benedict returning to Supernatural as Chuck.

So will we finally get a definitive answer on whether or not Chuck is actually God?


Sam and Dean are dealing with God’s sister, Amara, (who I cannot wait to be taken out) and it would make sense if we get a glimpse at God. In what sense, I don’t know but I’d be open to it. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Any information about how and when Chuck will be back hasn’t been released. And I like it that way. I hate when too much info is released about characters returning because then there’s no surprise or fun in watching it. Case in point, I was so happy I surprisingly didn’t hear anything about Chuck making his last appearance at the end of the 200th episode. That just made that episode even more of a favorite of mine.

Aside from Chuck returning, we’ll also get to see Bobby and Rufus again in a flashback to a previous case in an upcoming episode. I cannot wait to see Jim Beaver back as Bobby, even if it’s just a flashback. I miss Bobby!

Until next time, enjoy tonight’s new Supernatural with Dean going back in time courtesy of Casifer! Hope to see you all live-tweeting if you can!

Supernatural Fandom PSA: Stop Spreading Hate


I’ve been a Supernatural fan for the past eleven seasons and I’ve seen my fair share of ‘fans’ thinking it’s perfectly okay to love one of the actors on the show and then send hate to the others.

That’s NOT okay.

It is perfectly fine if you like Jensen Ackles the most or if you like Jared Padalecki the most. That doesn’t mean you sit behind your phone or your computer screen and send hateful, mean and downright disrespectful messages to the actor you don’t like the best. That’s bullying, plain and simple.

These actors work hard on a show they love and that we love so we can enjoy new episodes each week, every season. They do not deserve to log in to their social media accounts and constantly see hate from so-called ‘fans.’

Do you really think Jensen or Jared will ever respect you for saying these ridiculous things to either one of them? If you actually cared about them like fans are supposed to do, you’d remember that these two guys see each other as brothers, their families are each other’s family and they’ll stick up for the other endlessly.

I obviously don’t know Jensen and Jared but from what we’ve seen over the years, I know Jensen would not waste his time on anyone who disrespects Jared and in turn, Jared would never waste his time on anyone who disrespects Jensen. This goes for the rest of the cast as well.

Hate on social media has become an everyday thing, unfortunately. You voice your opinion and it doesn’t match up to someone else’s, you get hate. You say something hoping to inspire someone or help them through a tough time, you’re called corny or lame and you get hate. You post something about an actor or a musician you like, people who don’t like them will come out of the dark corners of the Internet and tell you why they hate them.

When it comes to celebrities on social media, they could simply post a picture or tell their fans what they’re up to that day and people will just spew their hatred, which most of the time has NOTHING to do with what that celebrity posted in the first place.

Why? It absolutely boggles my mind what these people get from this? It’s sickening and maybe I’ll never fully understand it because for some messed up reason it just continues to happen. Children, teens, grown adults are bullied especially through social media and the consequences are sometimes heartbreaking. And this happens way too much.

I felt like writing this post after I was scrolling through Twitter yesterday and saw Supernatural ‘fans’ (and I use that term very lightly for these people) comparing Jared’s Always Keep Fighting campaign with Jensen and Misha’s newly announced You Are Not Alone campaign.

Both were created to help people with mental health issues. Both. To help people.

But some ‘fans’ of Jared took it upon themselves to throw negativity at Jensen and Misha for You Are Not Alone and then ‘fans’ of Jensen and Misha decided to spew hate at Jared by acting as if Always Keep Fighting was nothing compared to the new campaign.

That’s not helping anyone, yourself included.

I’m all for sticking up for someone as their fan but this is not that. This is just hate. Stick up for someone when they actually need it, like if someone is bullied or when someone honestly needs your help. Showing your dislike of a certain actor on a show you watch by downplaying how they’re trying to help people struggling is just childish and petty.

Jensen, Jared and Misha, along with all of the other actors on Supernatural, are not their characters. Sure, maybe they can relate to certain aspects of the characters they play. But they are not Dean, Sam and Castiel. They’re people. And if you don’t like Dean or Sam or Cas, fine. You’re allowed to not like a character on a television show. But don’t take that hatred out on the actors. It’s unnecessary, pointless and not benefiting you even slightly.

So friendly PSA, just enjoy the things you like about Supernatural (and this goes for any TV show, movie, etc.) and toss the hate aside. Don’t let negative emotions transfer over to the actors. Don’t send hate to the fans of the actors you don’t like. It shouldn’t be that hard to be nice.

And everyone has their own negative thoughts about characters/shows/movies but unless someone is legitimately being negatively affected or hurt by an actor or anyone connected to those characters/shows/movies, keep it to yourself.

If you’re interested in learning more about Always Keep Fighting and what inspired Jared to start the campaign, check out this To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) blog post from last year here! And to learn more about You Are Not Alone and the #SPNFamily Crisis Support Network (which is also connected to TWLOHA), head to this link!

It’s never easy talking about anxiety or depression but no matter what it’s about, I want anyone reading this to know I’m here to talk to so you can find me here or over at @KristenP24 on Twitter.


Until next time, remember to always keep fighting and you are not alone. Enjoy Supernatural and avoid/stop the hate!