Top 10 James Bond Opening Songs


Source: The Official James Bond 007 Website

Ever since last Sunday when the Academy thought Sam Smith’s “Writing’s On The Wall” was an Oscar-worthy song (seriously), this James Bond fan was inspired to create a list of her top ten Bond opening songs.

I remember last year when they finally released Smith’s song. I got home from work and excitedly turned the song on, ready for another memorable Bond song. Sure, it was memorable…for how cringe-worthy it was.

At first I thought, hmm, maybe it’s building up and the song will really explode. It did have that big orchestra intensity in the beginning. And then I was left sitting there excitedly waiting for the song to please end. “Writing’s On The Wall” went nowhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like Sam Smith. His voice is beautiful and he can hit notes incredibly well. But this just does not feel like a Bond song. If anything, it reminds me of past boring Bond opening songs. For example: Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does It Better” or Rita Coolidge’s “All Time High.” Although, I read a few comments on YouTube underneath videos for both of these songs with people actually listening to them to try and forget Smith’s song. Ouch.

I found a comment made by Deadline’s Ross A. Lincoln in his article about “Writing’s On The Wall” when the song was released and pretty much agree with him.

“The melody and arrangement are wonderful, and I actually like Smith’s singing voice a lot. But the lack of meaningful percussion is really driving me crazy. It’s all buildup, no release. Kind of like how you’d feel if you were a British superspy interrupted in the middle of a very successful date by a henchman bent on killing you, and afterward all you felt like doing was drinking another vodka martini and going to bed,” Lincoln wrote.

Like I said, the song went nowhere. And according to a comment made by a Jack Meyhoffer underneath the article, “James Bond would shoot his stereo system if this song started playing.” Tell us how you really feel, Jack. Even though, I do believe that.

Anyway, shall we begin?

10. “Thunderball” by Tom Jones (1965)

Now this feels like a Bond song. And kudos to Jones for holding that note at the end of the song for as long as he did.

9. “Licence to Kill” by Gladys Knight (1989)

Maybe this is a little more ballad-like, I guess you can say, but it still has that intensity and drama that builds and doesn’t leave you disappointed.

8. “A View to a Kill” by Duran Duran (1985)

Oh, Duran Duran definitely brought that 80s feel to this opening but it still fits well and you gotta love the neon colors.

7. “The Living Daylights” by A-ha (1987)

Timothy Dalton is not one of my favorite versions of James Bond but I do like this opening song. And let me answer that question that may have just come to mind for you: Yes, A-ha did have other songs aside from “Take On Me.”

6. “Diamonds Are Forever” by Shirley Bassey (1971)

This is only one of three Bond songs Bassey sang and with lyrics like: “Unlike men, the diamonds linger; Men are mere mortals who are not worth going to your grave for. I don’t need love, for what good will love do me?” “Diamonds never lie to me, for when love’s gone, they’ll lustre on.” This song is by far one of my favorites.

5. “Tomorrow Never Dies” by Sheryl Crow (1997)

Crowe brought that 90s feel to this Bond song and the opening bars are incredible.

4. The World Is Not Enough by Garbage (1999)

Garbage’s Shirley Manson has such a gorgeous voice which only made this song even better. It has such a mesmerizing feel to it and fits perfectly for Bond.

3. “You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell (2006)

And with this badass song began the James Bond era of Daniel Craig.

2. “Goldfinger” by Shirley Bassey (1964)

The first of three songs sung by Bassey and one of the best vocals-wise, in my opinion.

Also, side note: apparently when “Writing’s On The Wall” was released, it was Bassey’s name that trended on Twitter instead of Smith who actually sang the song. Ouch yet again.

*Drum roll* No. 1 on my Bond song list is: “Skyfall” by Adele (2012)

This song blows “Writing’s On The Wall” away completely. And fun fact, “Skyfall” made Daniel Craig cry. I’m not surprised at all because I remember getting chills the first time I heard it. Four years after Quantum of Solace was worth the wait for this song and this movie.

“I cried. From the opening bars I knew immediately, then the voice kicked in and it was exactly what I’d wanted,” Craig said, “It just got better and better because it fitted the movie. In fact the more of the movie we made, the more it fitted.”

There you have it. My top 10 James Bond songs. I’m not saying this should be every Bond fan’s list, it’s just my version. Although I hope some of you can agree on this ranking. I’d also love to hear your personal top 10 Bond songs or your variation of my list in the comments below!

Until next time, I couldn’t think of a better way to end this post than with the song we all know and love, John Barry & Orchestra’s “James Bond Theme.”


Demi Lovato’s ‘Stone Cold’ Music Video is Breathtaking


Source: Demi Lovato Twitter

The gorgeous snowy backdrop. A bathtub. Smeared, messy makeup. And Demi Lovato’s raw emotion.

The “Stone Cold” music video is incredible and will claw at your heart with how powerful it is from the second it starts until the very end.

The singer said on her Twitter account that the video was also the most emotional video she’s ever shot. And filming it in snow-up-to-her-waist Park City, Utah wasn’t the easiest either.

“I didn’t have a coat on — I just layered and layered and layered, so it was difficult,” Lovato revealed, “It was actually the hardest video I’ve ever shot. One, because emotionally it’s difficult, but two, at one point, I’m in the snow and it’s up to my waist — that’s literally how deep the snow was — so when you have like three pairs of leggings and you’re in the snow, and it’s not snow pants, I wrung my pants afterwards. It was just soaking wet because I had been in the snow for so long.”

But Park City is special to her.

“It’s like my getaway, so being able to go shoot this video in a place where I’m already comfortable, where I love it there, it was awesome,” she said, “And obviously it’s beautiful there, so we thought it was a good setting.”

“Stone Cold” is beautifully written and Lovato knew many people would feel a connection to it. Trust me, it will hit you right in the feelings no matter what you’re going through.

“Every time I write a song, or every time I do a scene when I act, I always draw from personal experience,” she explained, “I think this song, a lot of people can relate to. For me, it was therapy, but I also knew that a lot of people could relate to it — so I wrote it.”

If you haven’t already, check out the music video below.

Until next time, you can catch Demi this summer on the Future Now tour with her longtime friend, Nick Jonas!

Paradise. War Zone. Pillowtalk.


How many of you were not prepared for Zayn to hit us right in our musical souls with “Pillowtalk?” I pressed play and admittedly just sat there mesmerized. By the lyrics. By the artistic aspect of the music video. And side note, can we talk about how beautiful Gigi looked?

This week when I was seeing the quotes from Zayn about always wanting to leave One Direction, my first reaction was something along the lines of ‘c’mon, man, show some gratitude for what brought you to where you are today.’ But now that I’ve done more research and read more of what he said, I don’t really blame the guy.

“I think I always kind of wanted to go. From like the first year really, I never really wanted to be there in the band. I just gave it a go because it was there at the time and then when I realized the direction we were going in with the music, I instantly realized it wasn’t for me because I realized I couldn’t put any input in; I couldn’t give my opinion on this or that because it didn’t fit the grain of what we were as a band or what we represented. So that’s when it became frustrating for me, that’s when I had to be like, I’ve got to start thinking about myself,” Zayn basically said in his Beats 1 interview.’

Having no say in the creative direction of your music has to be hell. And yes, some people may call him ungrateful and maybe there is a hint of that in all of this. No one’s exempt from mistakes. But think about it. Imagine singing songs and creating music that your heart just isn’t in? That can’t be very thrilling.

Was he selfish? I won’t judge him on that aspect because I don’t see focusing on yourself in your career and striving to create what you love and what makes you happy as something so wrong. Everyone is obviously going to have their own opinion on all of this and they have every right to that. I’m just not going to toss someone under the bus for fighting to do what makes him happy in life.

I guess when he decided to leave felt right to him and to constantly throw negative light his way is just so tiresome. One Direction (even now that the band is on its break) is still successful doing their thing without Zayn and Zayn, I’m sure, will be experiencing plenty of his own success if his debut single is anything to go by.

Just enjoy the music! Don’t compare Zayn’s music with 1D’s new music either and critique them against each other. Because it’s clear they’re different. That doesn’t mean you can’t like both though. I honestly loved Made In The A.M. and it actually brought back my love for 1D. Because, yes, I was a One Direction fan from the early days and even though I did step back for a little while, I can definitely say I’m a fan again. There’s also nothing wrong with that so please don’t go attacking me and throwing out the ‘not a true fan’ argument. All love here, for 1D and Zayn.

So I wish Zayn all the best and I can’t wait to hear the rest of his album which is titled Mind of Mine, by the way. He said there are “about 17-18 songs” although a release date has not been announced as of yet. While we wait, we’ll just have to hit replay on “Pillowtalk.”

Until next time, leave me your thoughts on all of this and check out the music video for “Pillowtalk” below!

Song of the Day – Out On The Street by Spanish Gold


I’ve been playing this song more than a few times on my iPod the past few weeks. There’s something about the beat that’s just addicting and I’ve definitely hit replay over and over repeatedly (like you do for any good song, c’mon now!)
If you can recommend any other songs by Spanish Gold that I haven’t stumbled upon yet, please don’t hesitate to let me know.
Enjoy the music break!