Hollywood Darlings: The 90s Continue to Make a Comeback


Growing up in the 90s, you were bound to watch Full House, 7th Heaven or Step by Step…or all three. And what better way to make our 90s hearts happy than with a reality series with stars from each of these shows?

Well that happiness easily comes with the announcement of Hollywood Darlings on Pop. The unscripted docu-comedy series will star Jodie Sweetin of Full House, Beverley Mitchell of 7th Heaven and Christine Lakin of Step by Step.


Source: Jodie Sweetin Instagram

Sweetin posted this photo to her Instagram on Tuesday with the caption, “Yay! I can finally announce my series with @beverleymitchell and @yolakin coming to @poptv next year!! I love these ladies and we’re going to have so much fun!!”

Hollywood Darlings will be a half-hour show following the three actresses who have grown from child stars to moms, wives and businesswomen. The network has ordered eight episodes and the promise of other celebrity guest appearances has also been made.

“Anyone who was a TV fan in the ‘90s grew up with Jodie, Christine and Beverley–aspiring to be their best friends, wanting to dress like them and using their popular catchphrases,” Pop’s senior vice president of original programming and development, Paul Adler, said in a statement, “Hollywood Darlings provides an amazing opportunity for viewers to reignite their fandom for this now grown-up trio whose lives are as entertaining as they are relatable.”

How’s that for a Throwback Thursday? I for one was obsessed with Full House and 7th Heaven growing up but got into Step by Step more so later on when reruns aired on television. And I’m actually interested to see how this series plays out along with which celebs will be making guest appearances!  Too bad 2017 is still a bit far off at the moment.


Until next time, leave me your thoughts on Hollywood Darlings and since it is TBT I’d love to hear some throwback memories you may have from any and/or all of these three 90s shows!


Sebastian Stan Interview With Moviepilot


seb stan interview

Did you miss Sebastian Stan’s live interview with Moviepilot yesterday? Well have no fear because you can check out the full interview below!

You can also relax about the fact that I’ve posted back to back about Sebastian. Unless you’re happy about that, then go about your happiness. You’re welcome.

And you let me know if you end up adoring Sebastian even more after you watch it. He’s such a dork, he impersonates Chris Evans in the best way and he also confirmed even further that Captain America: Civil War will be skillfully and delightfully destroying our emotions in May.

So until next time, check out the awesome interview and let’s revel in this glorious day because we also have a brand new Civil War trailer to soak up until May 6!

Fashion Friday: Kendall And Gigi


It’s Paris Fashion Week which made this post easy yet difficult to write. Because there’s so much to choose from but how do I narrow it down?!

I did though, obviously, and the results are Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid attending Olivier Rousteing’s annual post-runway bash after both models walked in the Balmain Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear fashion show. They were wearing, of course, Balmain. And the pieces they each wore were hot off the runway yet still slightly different from what the models rocked.


Source: Gigi Hadid Instagram

Gigi posted this photo of the two gorgeous best friends on her Instagram today with the caption, “playin barbie with @balmain 😉 ⇄ #kengi”

Kendall chose a lace-up bustier dress and cream turtleneck paired with suede heels while Gigi wore a pink striped bodysuit and duster coat. And honestly, I feel like their looks are either love it or hate it. I saw both reactions as I looked at photos but for me, there’s something about it that I just love.

The colors, the shoes, the chicness…I’m leaning towards love it. If I had to choose which outfit I’d rock though, I’d go with Gigi’s look. All in all, the two best friends looked beautiful.

Embed from Getty Images

And not only did they match color-scheme wise, they also swapped their usual hair colors. Gigi going brunette and Kendall transforming into a blonde.

Until next time, fashion lovers, leave your thoughts on “Kengi’s” look in the comments below and you can also check out this video from Vogue if you’re curious to see what a day in the life of a model is like for Kendall! Oh to have that life…#wishfulthinking 😉

Happy Birthday Jensen Ackles!


Source: Jensen Ackles Facebook

“Hey, Tuesday! Pig ‘n a poke!” What a perfect way to celebrate Jensen’s 38th birthday.



Wait a minute…”Do you even know what that is?” Probably not, but it’s Jensen’s birthday so who cares. Google it later.

Right now, send some birthday wishes his way via social media and to celebrate, check out the video below of a bunch of funny Dean Winchester moments from throughout the seasons!


Until next time, Happy Birthday Jensen! Thank you for always making me smile and bringing what has become one of my all-time favorite characters to life.

Man Crush Monday: Leonardo DiCaprio


Source: Just Jared, Photo #: 3592691

And the Oscar goes to…

Leonardo DiCaprio. Academy Award winning actor.

We can officially say that about Leo now. And it. feels. AMAZING! We can also say farewell to the Oscar memes about him and I can’t say I’ll miss them because every time one popped up (which was A LOT) it was just another stab in my Leo-loving heart.


Congratulations, Leo! You deserved this and I know your fans are so incredibly happy it finally happened. I can’t wait to see what other amazing work you do in the future!

If you missed the Academy Awards last night and didn’t get a chance to see Leo’s speech, check it out below!

Until next time, I hope knowing that last night was not a dream and Leo actually won makes your Monday better!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Fan Dream Experience


Source: Henry Cavill Instagram

Attend the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice red carpet premiere. Ride in the Batmobile with Ben Affleck. Photobomb people on that red carpet with Jesse Eisenberg. Oh, and fly in a helicopter with Henry Cavill.

Sound too good to be true? Well…

You have the chance to do all of that as well as support three amazing causes (The Eastern Congo Initiative, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the SEED Project) just by entering to win the Ultimate Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Experience.

I mean, that’s pretty awesome. Why not enter? You’ve got nothing to lose except at the least $10 which turns into a win if you think about it since you’re donating to three great causes.

One can only hope that there might be a similar experience offered when Captain America: Civil War finally rolls around in May! (Ohh, did I just break some sort of bylaw talking about DC and Marvel in the same post…? Hmm…well, friendly PSA: You’re allowed to like characters from both comic book universes!)

For me personally as a writer, it’s a dream of mine to one day interview actors like the ones from these movies (Fun Yet Possibly Obvious Fact: Robert Downey Jr. tops that list) so to have the chance to win an experience like the Ultimate Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Experience is incredible. And I’m sure that goes for any fan.

So take a minute to enter and check out the video below of Henry Cavill talking to some young fans to see who they like better: Batman or Superman? (My choice is Superman)

Until next time, try to have some patience because we’ve got plenty of superhero goodness heading our way in the next few months!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theaters March 25.

Fashion Friday: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Source: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Instagram

This past Monday was the Burberry fashion show in London and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gave me major military jacket envy.

Embed from Getty Images

The simple yet sharp blue jacket with gold button detailing also has red stitching throughout as well as on the matching blue trousers. And to top it off, Rosie paired it with a white blouse and a buckle bag from Burberry.

Unfortunately, even if you did have the almost $1400 to spend on the jacket (it’s reportedly priced at $1395) it’s currently not available. But, silver lining, us non-big spenders can just throw “military inspired jackets” into a Google search and find one we like for a lot less. There’s usually a similar cheaper option somewhere out there.

Or if you want to spend a bit of cash on a military-inspired jacket almost like Rosie’s, E!Online suggested an H&M Pea Coat priced at $70 or a Mango Buttoned Cotton Jacket priced at $130.

Then on Tuesday at the Elle Style Awards in London, the model switched things up and looked gorgeous rocking a leather LBD.

Embed from Getty Images

The LBD is a Roberto Cavalli Leather Asymmetrical Dress and it’s from the upcoming Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

At first glance, I wasn’t all that fond of the bustle on the hip but after looking at different pictures I came to like it, especially for a red carpet event like the Elle Style Awards. Without the bustle, I feel like the dress would look too simple although it’d be the perfect choice for a special night out. You’d look fancy yet still have an edginess to your look. My kind of fashion combo.

Until next time, you can check out Rosie’s Instagram (@rosiehw) where she posts many of her looks as well as items like lingerie, makeup and nightwear from her brand Rosie For Autograph!