The Walking Dead: ‘The Same Boat’ Sneak Peek


Source: The Walking Dead Twitter

So who sat there watching The Walking Dead this past Sunday thinking to themselves…”Oh god, who’s going to die?”

When episodes of TWD begin all happy or more “normal” than usual, it usually doesn’t end well for a character. But *Spoiler Alert* no one died in the last episode. Well…none of the main characters. Plenty of the Saviors died. And good riddance, especially after seeing those disturbing pictures one of them had proudly displayed on their wall.

Side note: My heart broke for Glenn making his first non-walker kill. But I’m sure seeing those pictures made it a little easier for him. Hopefully.


That doesn’t mean next week won’t destroy us. Maggie and Carol are currently hostages, taken by who knows who. And whoever they are, they’re not only on Rick’s sh*t list but Glenn’s, Daryl’s, Michonne’s and so on. So good luck to them.

I’m still waiting to finally see Negan because I think Rick is going to realize he and his group are the ones messing with the wrong people. He has no idea what’s coming their way and honestly, neither do we. I am hoping they stick somewhat closely to the comics when it comes to Negan because he is a crazy psycho that will only amplify the intensity of TWD.


That reveal when we finally meet Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan should be awesome so we’ll just have to sit impatiently and wait.

Until next time, check out a sneak peek for next Sunday’s new episode of The Walking Dead titled “The Same Boat” as well as the preview and as always leave me your thoughts and predictions below!


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