Fashion Friday: Kendall And Gigi


It’s Paris Fashion Week which made this post easy yet difficult to write. Because there’s so much to choose from but how do I narrow it down?!

I did though, obviously, and the results are Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid attending Olivier Rousteing’s annual post-runway bash after both models walked in the Balmain Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear fashion show. They were wearing, of course, Balmain. And the pieces they each wore were hot off the runway yet still slightly different from what the models rocked.

Source: Gigi Hadid Instagram

Gigi posted this photo of the two gorgeous best friends on her Instagram today with the caption, “playin barbie with @balmain 😉 ⇄ #kengi”

Kendall chose a lace-up bustier dress and cream turtleneck paired with suede heels while Gigi wore a pink striped bodysuit and duster coat. And honestly, I feel like their looks are either love it or hate it. I saw both reactions as I looked at photos but for me, there’s something about it that I just love.

The colors, the shoes, the chicness…I’m leaning towards love it. If I had to choose which outfit I’d rock though, I’d go with Gigi’s look. All in all, the two best friends looked beautiful.

Embed from Getty Images

And not only did they match color-scheme wise, they also swapped their usual hair colors. Gigi going brunette and Kendall transforming into a blonde.

Until next time, fashion lovers, leave your thoughts on “Kengi’s” look in the comments below and you can also check out this video from Vogue if you’re curious to see what a day in the life of a model is like for Kendall! Oh to have that life…#wishfulthinking 😉


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