Criminal Minds: Will the BAU Save Derek?


Source: Shemar Moore Instagram

To state the obvious, it’s Wednesday. It’s also Criminal Minds day. And tonight’s new episode looks like it’s going to be one of those intense, tear-jerking, leave-you-breathless episodes.

It’s called “Derek” and will pick up from where last week’s episode left off when we saw Derek get drugged, attacked and kidnapped by who we will learn are members of the Dirty Dozen.

Danny Glover, seen in the preview for tonight’s episode, guest stars as Derek’s father Hank Morgan, who Derek will see in his subconscious when he “goes into his safe place” while being tortured.

We’ll also get to see glimpses of Derek’s childhood and when he was a teenager as well as Hank’s past.

I can’t wait to watch this episode but at the same time, I’m honestly just trying to prepare myself for an emotional overload. Criminal Minds has that effect on you if you’ve been watching this show from the beginning. And past episodes centered around Derek have been incredibly well-written so I expect nothing less for “Derek.”

Source: Shemar Moore Instagram

Until next time, check out a behind the scenes look at the episode, which has left Shemar Moore “exhausted but in such a wonderful way,” and don’t forget to tune in tonight at 9pm EST on CBS!


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