Arrow: ‘Taken’


Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW

It’s Wednesday. Let’s talk Arrow!

Tonight we’ll get to see Vixen/Mari McCabe, played by Megalyn Echikunwoke. She’s an old friend of Oliver’s who he calls in for help with the on-going drama with Darhk. You might also recognize Echikunwoke as the voice of the animated version of Vixen on the CW Seed series of the same name.

Her ability to summon animal powers will help in their search for Darhk and Oliver’s son, who he will also have to explain all about to the rest of the team. That will most likely go over badly with them…especially Felicity.

Damn it, Oliver, I know you thought you were doing the right thing to protect William but, seriously, stop with the lying.

According to Emily Bett Rickards, the revelation of Oliver’s son will obviously hurt Felicity pretty bad.

“We saw how she reacted to her finding out about his son in an alternate timeline in The Flash crossover,” Rickards explained, “I feel like her feelings there weren’t unprecedented, but obviously it was a different timeline. With this coming up, it puts a big stake in their relationship. It makes it known that she doesn’t really know 100 percent who she’s in a relationship with. I think that that scares her and makes her untrusting whether she should have more leeway with him at this point. It hurts her pretty bad.”

Rickards went on to talk about the best gift Curtis could ever give Felicity as well, the ability to walk again. And apparently this will be happening quite soon.

“We don’t really have the time to make it a long process on our show, especially because we’re coming up to the last five episodes or so of shooting,” she said, “We hope it doesn’t seem like a shock to the audience, but we really did want her to be able to walk again and start a second new chapter.”

And from a simply captioned picture posted by Stephen Amell on Tuesday, we’ll clearly see Felicity on her feet again for a happy moment between her and Oliver.

Source: Stephen Amell Twitter

Here’s to hoping this is a glimpse of something that will actually happen and not a dream or something that will demolish our emotions again. Either way, my Olicity-loving heart adores this!

And the tweet Amell attached this picture to was perfect.


Tonight’s episode will also have a heart to heart conversation between Thea and Merlyn in hopes of potentially squashing his promise of revenge on Oliver after losing control of the League of Assassins. I honestly don’t see Merlyn of all people to just be like “Nevermind. Forget my plans of revenge!” The man casually helped give Darhk the idea to kidnap William.

Until next time Team Arrow, check out the preview for tonight’s episode “Taken” below!


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