The Walking Dead: Spoilers Inside



It was a casual Wednesday night. I was scrolling through Twitter catching up on some tweets after doing some Supernatural live-tweeting. And there it was. Spoilers. From The Walking Dead.

I mean, it’s Twitter. Spoilers can typically run rampant everywhere on your timeline. But for once, I was actually happy to see these specific spoilers. And I’m about to reveal those spoilers to you now so fair warning!


We very well might finally get Rick and Michonne together AKA Richonne. This just makes me even happier that Jessie, Sam and Ron are all gone. I personally never liked their characters and just saw them as another distraction that would weigh down the group due to their inexperience and sheltered lives in Alexandria.

And I’ve seen some people say, “But Rick was happy! If you like Rick, you’d want him happy!” Rick is one of my favorite characters and I would love to see him happy, very true. But nothing felt right about him and Jessie to me.

Now Rick and Michonne? That seems about right to me. They have a bond that has just grown over time and her relationship with Carl is incredible. Rick and Michonne have been through more horrible situations than they can count, they can relate to each other and have been their for one another (Michonne turning Ron into a kebab that even Deadpool would approve of it, for example).


Never trusting the Internet 100%, I won’t believe any of the details about this supposed scene until I see it for myself. But I want it to happen. I ship it and if you don’t that’s okay. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to shipping characters. If there was anyone who would make sense for Rick to be with though, Michonne’s in the lead. (Sorry, Ressie shippers)

So now after seeing these spoilers it’s only made me want Sunday to be here even more. Oh, the concerning emotional attachment I have to the endless TV shows I watch.

Until next time Richonne shippers and TWD fans, Sunday night will be here before we know it and we’ll get to see what lies ahead for the group!


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