The Walking Dead: ‘No Way Out’


Source: AMC

Have you caught your breath yet?

Because we were not wrong in being nervous about what The Walking Dead mid-season premiere had in store. Beware of major spoilers ahead!

We got to see the continued confrontation between Daryl, Abraham, Sasha and Negan’s crew on the motorcycles. If that crew if any indication of what’s in store with Negan himself then we might as well toss our emotions on the floor since they’re bound to be destroyed.

That confrontation which had the possibility of Abraham and Sasha both getting shot ended in Daryl blowing Negan’s crew to kingdom come with one of the RPGs. Thank god for badass Daryl! Oh, and Abraham continued on with his questions of who people are. Remember “Who’s Deanna?” Well, you can now add “Who’s Negan?” to that list.

After that cut to commercial we were sent back to Alexandria and that huge nightmare. Quick summary: Rick decided to trust Father Gabriel with Judith, that pleasant Wolf took off with Denise only to get bit in the process, Sam had flashbacks to everything Carol warned him about seconds before getting attacked and mauled by walkers, Jessie watched on while holding onto her son which lead to her getting bit and Rick having to chop her hand off so Carl could get away. Then “porch dick jr.” Ron pulled a gun on Rick intent on shooting him for everything that’s happened, including his mom and brother just getting eaten by walkers, but instead Ron gets taken out by Michonne (YES!), fires the gun and…ends up shooting Carl in the face.


If you’ve read or know the comic books, you might have seen some of this coming like I did. That certainly doesn’t make last night’s episode any less intense. I was glued to my TV throughout the entire episode and impatiently waiting to see what the hell else could possibly happen.

(P.S. I wasn’t entirely heartbroken to see the Anderson family leave us like they did, to be honest. Ron deserved it for plenty of reasons, Sam was not cut out for the life Rick and the gang were used to and I never fully like Jessie to begin with. That’s just my opinion though.)

Of course, there was more. Glenn and Enid went to save Maggie from where she was stuck surrounded by walkers. This was another gasping for air moment when we watched Glenn get surrounded by walkers himself while he distracted them away from Maggie. It looked like he was a goner…again. But all hail Abraham and Sasha who arrived with guns ablaze just in time.

Father Gabriel surprised each and every one of us by stepping up and ditching his usual cowardice behavior by protecting Judith and instilling a sense of empowerment into the surviving members of Alexandria.

Rick thankfully got Carl to the infirmary where Denise began working on him. Rick then went into a blind rage as he went back outside and just started killing as many walkers as he could. This caused a domino affect with Michonne and the rest of the crew to follow after him and join in on the walker killing.

Daryl let out the propane/gasoline from the truck he arrived in which enabled him to light the small body of water nearby aflame and attract the walkers to the fire.

There was also the continued tension between Carol and Morgan and I hope she keeps putting that man in his place because I am so sick of Morgan’s behavior and view on things.

Eventually at the end of the episode Rick sits at Carl’s bedside while his son rests after Denise worked on his eye. He tearfully begs his son to be okay so he can show Carl the new world and hopefully one day have his son live a good and long life (is that even possible in this walker world? I mean, I’m hoping so too, Rick, but let’s be serious here). I admit, I got pretty teary-eyed while Rick spoke to Carl. These are two of my favorite characters so it was tough seeing their exchange.

But finally and thankfully we got to see Carl’s hand squeeze Rick’s and we have a glimpse of hope. At least for now.

Next week’s episode looks just as action-packed. Rick and Daryl also seem to be off on a mission of their own together. And cue our desperate need for Sunday to come quicker each week now that TWD is back.

Last night’s episode was by far one of the BEST episodes out of all of The Walking Dead seasons. It was unbelievably well-done and only makes me even more excited for the rest of the events we’ll get to see this second half of the season.

Until next time, let me know what you thought of the mid-season premiere and leave me your predictions of what else you think we might get to see directly out of the comic books!

Check out a little sneak peek of next week’s episode below.


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