Happy Walking Dead Day!


This is really just a gratuitous Walking Dead post to get excited for tonight so…yeah…


I 100% will most likely not have those booyah feelings after the mid-season premiere. With the guarantee of death and fear of what the hell else will happen the rest of this season, there’s no way I’m sitting on my couch with a big smile. Yes way to sitting on said couch with tears streaming down or with a horrified look on my face.

That sounds about right. And Valentine’s Day? Pfft. TWD has taken over this day. And if you are celebrating and your valentine doesn’t want to watch tonight’s premiere with you…then I’m judging hard. Love is watching your favorite TV shows together.

So grab your overpriced chocolates and candy, maybe a drink (you’ll probably need it), make yourself comfortable and prepare. for. the. WORST!


That was dramatic. Sorry. Heh, no I’m not. But, seriously, you know this show doesn’t play around.

Until next time, enjoy the mid-season premiere at 9pm on AMC and let’s discuss our feelings during the week!


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