The Vampire Diaries & The Originals Crossover Awaits Us


Well, if you’re anything like me, you might be actually somewhat enjoying this season of The Vampire Diaries. And, yes, best frenemies Stefan and Klaus are reuniting.

Photo : The CW/The Vampire Diaries

We’ll skip over how the show certainly went downhill at a certain point but it has had its moments where it’s made me excited to watch again. Thank god, because I hate dropping shows I’ve been investing this much time in.

Last season, at least for me, it was Kai and the possibility of Stefan and Caroline getting together that kept me watching. (Hey, since Klaroline ever being a couple seems like a pipe dream, I was thoroughly excited for Steroline) I thought Kai was such a badass, purely insane character. A character that reminded me why I loved this show. We all know Katherine and Klaus brought an enticing energy to the show that drew us in to find out what chaos they would cause each week.

So I easily became attached to Kai. Yes, he did some really screwed up things BUT I have a tendency to love to hate (aka not so secretly love) the bad guys and I was sort of, maybe hoping he could redeem himself after the merge with Luke…and still be a little mischievous. (And don’t you dare tell me that would be impossible because I will fling Damon in your face as proof. If fans can stand behind him and everything evil and messed up that he did/does then I can believe in Malachai Parker redeeming himself.)


He had this new-found part of himself called emotions, other than hate and violent anger. He wanted to repair, the best he could, everything he royally destroyed with Bonnie.

But this is The Vampire Diaries and it’s not TVD unless I’m thoroughly annoyed after certain episodes when nine o’clock rolls around. So of course *SPOILER ALERT* they killed off Kai. Fantastic.

And then it was announced that Nina Dobrev was leaving TVD and as much as I adore Nina, I wasn’t too upset to see Elena go. She wasn’t the Elena I grew to love since Season 1 and I honestly had enough of the overly dramatic Delena story line each and every week. This might be blasphemous to some fans but I actually like Damon better without Elena. Oops. Sorry.


But anyway, moving on to the point of why I’m typing like a madwoman right now. The crossover will have Stefan paying Klaus a visit in New Orleans after Valerie informs him of a safe house there that could protect Stefan from the vengeful vampire hunter, Rayna Cruz, who he’s luring away from Mystic Falls.

Photo : The CW/The Vampire Diaries

Aside from the Stefan/Klaus reunion, we’ll see Enzo working with The Armory, a mysterious organization. He will potentially help Damon and Bonnie protect Stefan from Rayna. Caroline is also thinking about her future in Mystic Falls after offering to join Alaric in his plans to head to Dallas as fast as he can once the twins are born.

And that’s just the first hour during The Vampire Diaries. The crossover event continues into The Originals in which we’ll see Stefan helping with the ongoing events in New Orleans. This of course puts me and maybe some of you in a sticky situation. I have yet to catch up on The Originals. Like I’m embarrassingly way behind. So I have a feeling I might need to have an Originals binge-a-thon ASAP before then.

We might just have enough time too since the crossover event airs on February 26!

Until next time, catch The Vampire Diaries this Friday at 8pm ET followed by The Originals at 9pm ET and let me know your thoughts on this season of TVD and what’s ahead below!


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