Super Bowl 50: Best to Downright Weird Commercials


This past Sunday was a day filled with all types of game day foods, football and plenty of highly coveted commercial air time. And that air time was made up of a wide array of memorable moments (for many different reasons).

I wouldn’t say Super Bowl 50 had any incredible commercials but there were some good ones and by far some strange ones.

The number one weird commercial of the night goes to Mountain Dew. It’s not the first time they’ve left us staring in confusion at our TVs either. Last year’s Kickstart commercial with a twerking dog, dancing furniture and a stuffed deer head busting out of a wall with a body attached may have seemed bizarre (and it was). But this year’s Mountain Dew commercial blew that weirdness out of the water. Three words: Puppy. Monkey. Baby.

Another weird commercial was brought to us by the NFL who, to simply put it, showed us that apparently football fans in the city of the winning Super Bowl team each year like to “celebrate” that night after the big game and nine months later there’s a rise in births in said winning city. Thanks, NFL, for filling us in on that.

There were also some pretty recognizable faces in some of the commercials. Sir Anthony Hopkins was in the TurboTax commercial.

Jeff Goldblum played piano and sang for the commercial with an appearance by Lil Wayne.

And Steven Tyler was on tap for Skittles.

Some of the best and even adorable commercials included Coca-Cola, who brought in the Hulk and Ant-Man:

And Bud Light because “Everybody loves Paul Rudd” (very true) and I love that Michael Peña was in the commercial as well (Ant-Man reunion!):

And Budweiser with Helen Mirren calling out drunk drivers in the most amazing way and telling us to #GiveADamn:

Oh and we can collectively thank Heinz for giving us something we probably didn’t even know we needed, a “Weiner Stampede”:

And Pokémon showed us we “can do that” and reminded us that Pokémon is celebrating its twentieth anniversary, which makes me feel old:

Until next time, let me know what your favorite commercial was, if I have it mentioned here or not, and comment if there was a commercial you just absolutely hated!

P.S. Congratulations once again to Super Bowl 50 champs Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos! Defense definitely wins championships, that’s for sure.


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