Man Crush Monday: Henry Cavill


Source: Henry Cavill Instagram

Need I say more? I obviously will though. Cavill posted this shirtless picture on Instagram this past Friday with the caption, “Warm up phase for Superman training started today! Posting this pic to set myself a minimum goal…and force myself to actually keep going haha! @gritandteeth.”

And I thought I’d help liven up this place and our Mondays with an occasional Man Crush Monday and of course an occasional Woman Crush Wednesday.

Getting back on topic though, Cavill will be gracing our movie theater screens on March 25 when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is released. I suggest seeing it in IMAX if you can because certain movies, like superhero flicks, are better viewed in gigantic screen glory.

And I will say it right now. I am…Team Superman. There, I said it. And that’s honestly surprising for me because I was never a huge Superman fan. When it came to DC, it was always Batman. But after seeing and actually loving Man of Steel, I’ve switched over to Clark’s side. Sorry, Bruce (Batfleck)!


Aside from Batman v Superman and the future Justice League movies, Cavill will also star in Sand Castle. The film is set during the occupation of Iraq and is about a squad of U.S. soldiers trying to protect a small village. According to IMDB, it’s scheduled to be released sometime this year.

Until next time, are you Team Superman or Team Batman? Leave your sides in the comments below…and try not to verbally fight each other (or me) on which side is better! We’re all friends here, well, until we argue about superheroes and someone says something out of line and I’m rambling…Happy Monday!


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