Supernatural Marathon Or Super Bowl?


If the Super Bowl just isn’t your thing then TNT’s Supernatural Season 10 marathon could make your Super Sunday perfect!

TNT will be starting the marathon at 12pm ET starting with episode one of Season 10, “Black.”

This also looks like it could be an easy way to catch up on Season 10 if you’re that far behind but as awesome as this marathon is, it’s not the complete season. Some episodes are missing so you might end up pretty lost. But if you’ve already watched it like me then it’s a fun way to spend the day if football is not your sport of choice.

I have a feeling I’ll be flipping back and forth between the game and Supernatural because why not have the best of both worlds?


The complete list of the Season 10 episodes that will be aired are:

Episode 1 – “Black”

Episode 2 – “Reichenbach”

Episode 5 – “Fan Fiction”

Episode 7 – “Girls, Girls, Girls”

Episode 8 – “Hibbing 911”

Episode 11 – “There’s No Place Like Home”

Episode 12 – “About A Boy”

Episode 17 – “Inside Man”

Episode 18 – “Book of the Damned”

Episode 21 – “Dark Dynasty”

Episode 23 – “Brother’s Keeper”

A day with the Winchesters. I can’t think of a better way to spend a relaxing Sunday. And if you miss out on the commercials during the big game, which I know many people love to see, then I’ll be sure to catch you up on the best, worst and downright weird ones this week!

Until next time, enjoy your Sam & Dean marathon or enjoy Denver v. Carolina. Or both! Live it up!



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