The Walking Dead Casts New Face


Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

With The Walking Dead right around the corner, returning on February 14, here’s some casting news!

Alicia Witt will be joining TWD but unfortunately any details about what character she will be playing have not been released.

Witt is known for her roles on Friday Night Lights and Justified.

There’s also no knowing yet how long her character will last on the show. And when it comes to TWD, life expectancy for a character can be a scary thing. Need I remind you of all the characters we have lost over the seasons…oh, and those weeks during this season that I sat on my couch thinking to myself (and sometimes out loud) IS GLENN ALIVE?!

If you are way behind on this season, I will not ruin that moment for you. But, c’mon, seriously? Catch up! Otherwise I’m sure the Internet will thoroughly spoil that for you if it surprisingly hasn’t already.

Anyway, Robert Kirkman won’t quell your fears of losing characters you’ve come to love on this show. It’s been a hot minute since we lost one of the major characters so…I’m horrified for what’s coming our way. Remember, Negan will be on our TV screens soon. (I’m really not looking forward to hating Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s face because we’re going to, Negan is a psychopath)

But what better way to put even more fear in our TWD-loving hearts than Kirkman’s words, “people gotsta die.” That’s comforting.


“I like to say, ‘people gotsta die,’ because you want people to—you never want to lose that…if you go too long a period with characters surviving and being safe, you lose that element of, ‘Oh my god any of these characters can go at any moment,” Kirkman said on Bravo’s Inside the Actors Studio (airing on February 11).

He then went on to say, “It’s a tremendously powerful engine that drives this whole thing and it is very emotional, but in comics it’s me and the artist going, ‘I guess those lines on paper don’t exist anymore. Oh well.’ I mean it’s very emotional for us because we love the characters, but there isn’t that added element that the TV show has where these are our friends that we see every day, but it doesn’t stop us. We don’t care.”

So prepare yourself. Or not. But don’t come crying to me when you’re sobbing on your couch when a major character dies. Actually you can come crying to me because I will probably be sobbing on my couch too. Unless it ends up being a character I don’t particularly like. For example, I did not shed a single tear or feel an ounce of sadness when Shane or Andrea died.

Let me tell you though, there are still plenty of characters left that I will curl up into a ball of emotions if they die. People who don’t watch TWD: ‘You have to constantly worry about major characters dying every week?’ Me: Yes! I love this show!


Until next time fellow Walking Dead fans, I hope you all have an awesome walker-filled Valentine’s Day with Rick and the gang returning that Sunday at 9pm on AMC!


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