Man Crush Monday: Leonardo DiCaprio


Source: Just Jared, Photo #: 3592691

And the Oscar goes to…

Leonardo DiCaprio. Academy Award winning actor.

We can officially say that about Leo now. And it. feels. AMAZING! We can also say farewell to the Oscar memes about him and I can’t say I’ll miss them because every time one popped up (which was A LOT) it was just another stab in my Leo-loving heart.


Congratulations, Leo! You deserved this and I know your fans are so incredibly happy it finally happened. I can’t wait to see what other amazing work you do in the future!

If you missed the Academy Awards last night and didn’t get a chance to see Leo’s speech, check it out below!

Until next time, I hope knowing that last night was not a dream and Leo actually won makes your Monday better!


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Fan Dream Experience


Source: Henry Cavill Instagram

Attend the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice red carpet premiere. Ride in the Batmobile with Ben Affleck. Photobomb people on that red carpet with Jesse Eisenberg. Oh, and fly in a helicopter with Henry Cavill.

Sound too good to be true? Well…

You have the chance to do all of that as well as support three amazing causes (The Eastern Congo Initiative, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the SEED Project) just by entering to win the Ultimate Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Experience.

I mean, that’s pretty awesome. Why not enter? You’ve got nothing to lose except at the least $10 which turns into a win if you think about it since you’re donating to three great causes.

One can only hope that there might be a similar experience offered when Captain America: Civil War finally rolls around in May! (Ohh, did I just break some sort of bylaw talking about DC and Marvel in the same post…? Hmm…well, friendly PSA: You’re allowed to like characters from both comic book universes!)

For me personally as a writer, it’s a dream of mine to one day interview actors like the ones from these movies (Fun Yet Possibly Obvious Fact: Robert Downey Jr. tops that list) so to have the chance to win an experience like the Ultimate Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Experience is incredible. And I’m sure that goes for any fan.

So take a minute to enter and check out the video below of Henry Cavill talking to some young fans to see who they like better: Batman or Superman? (My choice is Superman)

Until next time, try to have some patience because we’ve got plenty of superhero goodness heading our way in the next few months!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theaters March 25.

Fashion Friday: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Source: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Instagram

This past Monday was the Burberry fashion show in London and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gave me major military jacket envy.

Embed from Getty Images

The simple yet sharp blue jacket with gold button detailing also has red stitching throughout as well as on the matching blue trousers. And to top it off, Rosie paired it with a white blouse and a buckle bag from Burberry.

Unfortunately, even if you did have the almost $1400 to spend on the jacket (it’s reportedly priced at $1395) it’s currently not available. But, silver lining, us non-big spenders can just throw “military inspired jackets” into a Google search and find one we like for a lot less. There’s usually a similar cheaper option somewhere out there.

Or if you want to spend a bit of cash on a military-inspired jacket almost like Rosie’s, E!Online suggested an H&M Pea Coat priced at $70 or a Mango Buttoned Cotton Jacket priced at $130.

Then on Tuesday at the Elle Style Awards in London, the model switched things up and looked gorgeous rocking a leather LBD.

Embed from Getty Images

The LBD is a Roberto Cavalli Leather Asymmetrical Dress and it’s from the upcoming Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

At first glance, I wasn’t all that fond of the bustle on the hip but after looking at different pictures I came to like it, especially for a red carpet event like the Elle Style Awards. Without the bustle, I feel like the dress would look too simple although it’d be the perfect choice for a special night out. You’d look fancy yet still have an edginess to your look. My kind of fashion combo.

Until next time, you can check out Rosie’s Instagram (@rosiehw) where she posts many of her looks as well as items like lingerie, makeup and nightwear from her brand Rosie For Autograph!

Demi Lovato’s ‘Stone Cold’ Music Video is Breathtaking


Source: Demi Lovato Twitter

The gorgeous snowy backdrop. A bathtub. Smeared, messy makeup. And Demi Lovato’s raw emotion.

The “Stone Cold” music video is incredible and will claw at your heart with how powerful it is from the second it starts until the very end.

The singer said on her Twitter account that the video was also the most emotional video she’s ever shot. And filming it in snow-up-to-her-waist Park City, Utah wasn’t the easiest either.

“I didn’t have a coat on — I just layered and layered and layered, so it was difficult,” Lovato revealed, “It was actually the hardest video I’ve ever shot. One, because emotionally it’s difficult, but two, at one point, I’m in the snow and it’s up to my waist — that’s literally how deep the snow was — so when you have like three pairs of leggings and you’re in the snow, and it’s not snow pants, I wrung my pants afterwards. It was just soaking wet because I had been in the snow for so long.”

But Park City is special to her.

“It’s like my getaway, so being able to go shoot this video in a place where I’m already comfortable, where I love it there, it was awesome,” she said, “And obviously it’s beautiful there, so we thought it was a good setting.”

“Stone Cold” is beautifully written and Lovato knew many people would feel a connection to it. Trust me, it will hit you right in the feelings no matter what you’re going through.

“Every time I write a song, or every time I do a scene when I act, I always draw from personal experience,” she explained, “I think this song, a lot of people can relate to. For me, it was therapy, but I also knew that a lot of people could relate to it — so I wrote it.”

If you haven’t already, check out the music video below.

Until next time, you can catch Demi this summer on the Future Now tour with her longtime friend, Nick Jonas!

Just Four Days Left for ‘You Are Not Alone’ Campaign


Photographer: Monica Duff

If you’re a part of the SPNFamily and a fan of Supernatural or just want to support an amazing campaign, don’t forget to check out Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins’ “You Are Not Alone” campaign.

You have about four days left as of today so hurry and grab yourself a t-shirt or a sweatshirt or a cinch bag. The prices run from $22.99 to $39.99, much like the other campaigns Jared Padalecki and Jensen have done recently.

The campaign supports the new SPNFamily Crisis Support Network. This fan-based community is the result of Random Acts partnering with IMAlive and To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) to create a place where fans can go to get the help they need.

The SPNFamily Crisis Support Network is described as “a fan-led community support system where trained fans can help other fans deal with depression, self-injury, and addiction.”

“This campaign is raising the funds needed to develop the community platform, train eligible fan volunteers to be crisis responders, and help get fans in crisis the help they need in their own communities.”

And if you have any questions or if you’d like to learn more about becoming a crisis support volunteer, you can contact this email address:

Source: Misha Collins Facebook

As soon as I heard about the campaign, my admiration for the Supernatural cast continued to grow even more. Ever since Jared started “Always Keep Fighting” and shared his battle with anxiety and depression, I truly learned how much these guys do care for their fans.

Anxiety, depression, addiction, self-injury…none of these are easy to live with or talk about so having the SPNFamily and developing this community is incredible and could be exactly what some fans need to help themselves. Even the littlest bit of help or encouragement can go a long way.

Jensen and Misha have also been posting short videos on their Facebook pages to remind fans (and Jensen) that “You are not alone.” You can check out a couple of them here and here!

So if you can, support “You Are Not Alone,” grab some awesome merchandise and continue to make the SPNFamily a supportive place for us fans!

Until next time, don’t forget (as if we could) that there’s a brand new episode of Supernatural tonight at 9pm!


Arrow: ‘Taken’


Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW

It’s Wednesday. Let’s talk Arrow!

Tonight we’ll get to see Vixen/Mari McCabe, played by Megalyn Echikunwoke. She’s an old friend of Oliver’s who he calls in for help with the on-going drama with Darhk. You might also recognize Echikunwoke as the voice of the animated version of Vixen on the CW Seed series of the same name.

Her ability to summon animal powers will help in their search for Darhk and Oliver’s son, who he will also have to explain all about to the rest of the team. That will most likely go over badly with them…especially Felicity.

Damn it, Oliver, I know you thought you were doing the right thing to protect William but, seriously, stop with the lying.

According to Emily Bett Rickards, the revelation of Oliver’s son will obviously hurt Felicity pretty bad.

“We saw how she reacted to her finding out about his son in an alternate timeline in The Flash crossover,” Rickards explained, “I feel like her feelings there weren’t unprecedented, but obviously it was a different timeline. With this coming up, it puts a big stake in their relationship. It makes it known that she doesn’t really know 100 percent who she’s in a relationship with. I think that that scares her and makes her untrusting whether she should have more leeway with him at this point. It hurts her pretty bad.”

Rickards went on to talk about the best gift Curtis could ever give Felicity as well, the ability to walk again. And apparently this will be happening quite soon.

“We don’t really have the time to make it a long process on our show, especially because we’re coming up to the last five episodes or so of shooting,” she said, “We hope it doesn’t seem like a shock to the audience, but we really did want her to be able to walk again and start a second new chapter.”

And from a simply captioned picture posted by Stephen Amell on Tuesday, we’ll clearly see Felicity on her feet again for a happy moment between her and Oliver.

Source: Stephen Amell Twitter

Here’s to hoping this is a glimpse of something that will actually happen and not a dream or something that will demolish our emotions again. Either way, my Olicity-loving heart adores this!

And the tweet Amell attached this picture to was perfect.


Tonight’s episode will also have a heart to heart conversation between Thea and Merlyn in hopes of potentially squashing his promise of revenge on Oliver after losing control of the League of Assassins. I honestly don’t see Merlyn of all people to just be like “Nevermind. Forget my plans of revenge!” The man casually helped give Darhk the idea to kidnap William.

Until next time Team Arrow, check out the preview for tonight’s episode “Taken” below!

Supernatural: ‘Beyond the Mat’


Photo: Liane Hentscher/The CW

After the way last week’s episode of Supernatural ended with Jensen breaking my heart simply with Dean’s facial expressions, I’m ready for a fun episode this Wednesday.

Or at least I’m hoping “Beyond the Mat” is actually fun and isn’t one of those episodes that appears that way until the last few minutes where the writers deviously throw in a sneak attack and rip our hearts out of our chests. We should probably expect that by now.

The episode centers around Sam and Dean attending the funeral of a wrestler they used to be fans of when they were kids. Using this time to also take a break from the major stress that is the Darkness, they then go to the next wrestling match to relive a fond childhood memory. But when another wrestler winds up dead the Winchesters are called to duty. (There’s also some Crowley and, if the gravelly voice is any indication, hopefully Castiel too as shown in the preview)

Photo: Liane Hentscher/The CW

Seeing the boys this happy and excited in the promo photos is amazing and I’m going to hold onto that as long as I can before that’s all destroyed by whatever lies in wait the rest of the season with the Darkness.

WWE wrestler Mike “The Miz” Mizanin also guest stars in “Beyond the Mat” as Shawn Harley, a fiery-tempered wrestler who easily pushes everyone’s buttons. Not much of a stretch for The Miz if you know his personality in the WWE.

Photo: Liane Hentscher/The CW

Until next time SPN Family, check out the preview for this Wednesday’s new episode of Supernatural below and let me know some of your predictions for the rest of Season 11!