Unsubs, Physicians & Surgeons, Oh My!


After last week’s episode of Criminal Minds that made you probably want to rethink ever using any car service like Uber again, this week we welcome an episode with an Unsub using truck stop restrooms to dump bodies in the South.

I mean, it’s not Wednesday unless Criminal Minds is giving us unsettling and creepy feelings, right? So to add to the truck stop body dumps, the Unsub is not only killing people off of a list he has but he also has such a loving and caring mother who is encouraging what he’s doing. We’re about to witness some Norman Bates behavior in episode 13, according to Design & Trend.

Check out the preview below before tonight’s episode at 9pm ET!

In other Criminal Minds news, apparently we may be seeing more of Cat Adams, who Aubrey Plaza played in the mid-season premiere. Cat was part of the Dirty Dozen assassins acting as the “Black Widow” of the group. We saw her go on a date with Reid, which was actually a ploy to catch her that turned into a deadly situation with bombs included.

“I think you’re going to see Spencer visiting me in jail, Hannibal Lecter style,” Plaza said, adding, “I can’t speak for the writers or the producers, but I told them that this is not over. These people are soul mates.”


Slow your roll there, Plaza. Soul mates is not the way I would describe their ‘relationship,’ if you can even call it that. I already endured the heartbreaking story line of Reid dealing with drugs and the now new revelation that he could end up with Alzheimer’s like his mother when he’s older and to add to that, he’s too young to be tested to find out for sure. I don’t think any of us could handle Reid having warm and fuzzy feelings for a psychopath like Cat. Writers, are you listening? Please, don’t do that to Spencer! I know some things go over his genius head, but I truly believe he’s too smart to ever sink to that sickening low.

We’ll just have to wait and see though. But once we get our fill of the BAU team this week, we have a new episode of Code Black up next. In “The Fifth Stage,” we get to see Leanne confront the drunk driver who killed her family, Jesse Bradford returns as Gordon Heshman, (he first appeared last week as Malaya’s patient who clearly has a disturbed side to him) and we get to meet Angels Memorial’s CEO.

Next month Code Black will be introducing some new faces in the forms of an attending physician and a surgeon.

Actor Boris Kodjoe, known for his role in Showtime’s Soul Food and his appearances on shows like Undercovers and The Last Man on Earth, will be playing Dr. Will Campbell.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have Boris Kodjoe join the Code Black family,” Michael Seitzman, executive producer, said, “He comes in as Dr. Will Campbell, a well-respected surgeon with an arrogant edge. He’s a character viewers will love, but also love to hate.”

Along with the addition of Kodjoe, actress Meagan Good will also be joining the cast as recurring character Dr. Grace Adams. We’ll soon learn that Adams is an attending physician who happens to have a romantic history with Neal. This, I’m sure, will stir up some tension between Neal and Christa after sharing a passionate kiss together in last week’s episode.


That drama will ensue once Adams returns from doing humanitarian work in Haiti and arrives at Angels Memorial, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Kodjoe and Good will make their first appearances on the show on February 3 and February 10, respectively.

Catch this week’s new Code Black tonight at 10pm ET!

Until next time, feel free to leave some of your thoughts on these two awesome shows below and enjoy the new episodes!


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