Welcome back, Constantine!


Well, I wish I could be welcoming John back for more than just one episode of Arrow but I will gladly take it.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who was thoroughly disappointed Constantine was cancelled after easily becoming attached to the snarky master of the dark arts. Plus, in my opinion, Matt Ryan was the perfect choice for John.

Tonight we get to see John team up with Oliver and I have to say I’m excited to see these two characters working side by side. Also, I’m very curious to learn about how they even know each other.

Ryan teased us with a preview of Wednesday’s episode when he spoke to Comic Book Resources, and when I say tease I mean it because he just leaves us with more questions.

“What I can preview is the most fun thing for me was the way the characters interact and seeing the relationship between Constantine and Oliver Queen, and also seeing why they have that relationship. That is something you will discover in this episode, is how they are acquainted. That’s the real tease, is how did they come to form this friendship?”

Tuning in to “Haunted” tonight will be our only way to find out the answers to those questions. (Yes, I can hear you calling me Captain Obvious)

In the episode, Oliver calls in a favor from John to help them with Sara, who is Pit of Lazarus insane. So there’s a backstory and an established relationship where one of them can ask the other for favors.

And like Ryan says, “As you know, John is the reluctant hero. He’s not somebody who would go out of his way for anyone really apart from himself. They do have a history and he owes Ollie one, so he steps up to the mark.”

So until next time fellow Hellblazers and Team Arrow members, grab a snack later on and maybe I’ll see some of you live-tweeting tonight!


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