Fear the Walking Dead: Embrace the Madness…


Victor Strand was not wrong when he said, “The only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness.” It’s either that or you go even crazier, which happens. Just remember even though I want to forget the Governor and Shane.

Beware, spoilers lie ahead…

Sunday’s season finale of Fear the Walking Dead left me wanting more. There was no major, on the edge of your seat cliffhanger or overly emotional deaths. It’s kind of hard since I haven’t really become attached to any of the characters yet. But I’m dying to see how life out on Strand’s yacht is going to pan out.

The biggest death, if you could call it big, was actually Liza. The dysfunctional group finally found out where they were keeping Nick and Griselda (I still blame Liza for all of that) and made their way there. And before you say how stupid of an idea that is, going to some guarded area where there was a guaranteed military presence, I will tell you why it wasn’t that stupid.

David (aka Mr. Crazypants) broke open a huge facility where there were PLENTY of walkers locked up inside banging on the doors. Hmm…remind you of anything?

They had that enormous herd follow them to go after whoever might stop them and therein lies the genius behind that plan. But we all know what they say about the line between genius and crazy…

Once there, they finally find Nick along with his new buddy Victor but not before we thought both would end up as meals for the walkers. They were stuck on the other side of locked doors, lights flashing on and off making the walkers coming their way even creepier and no way of escaping, that is until the group finds them. Liza thankfully gets the key card to work and they continue to run for their lives.

Quick summary on other points: David and Ofelia find out Griselda is dead and after being tortured by David, Andrew makes another appearance wasting no time to aim a gun at David but instead shoots Ofelia (who survives, for now). Travis was not having that and went into full crazy Rick mode and punched Andrew in the face leaving him a wheezing, bloody mess.

They all jumped in the cars they had and drove to the coast where Victor had a house. A house anyone would want to spend their time in during a walker-filled world.

But they’re not staying there. Of course not. Because Victor thinks going on his yacht named Abigail is the best idea. Maybe it is except I have so many questions: What happens when they run out of gas? What do they do when they eventually run out of food? (And do not tell me fish!) Can walkers swim? (I doubt it but you never know!) I just would not feel comfortable staying out in the middle of the ocean.

All of these questions aside, during their soon to be short time spent at Victor’s house, Liza wanders onto the rocks near the beach followed by Madison. There we learn Liza was scratched/bitten and wants Madison to shoot her because she can’t and she doesn’t want Travis to do it.

Well too late for that because Travis then walks onto the rocks and makes you want to smack him because he keeps going on and on about the medication he still thinks will work. It’s not going to, Travis, so just stop.

We then hear a single gun shot ring out, Chris and Alicia running down to the rocks, Chris crying over his dead mother, Alicia watching on and Travis clearly freaking out while he kneels in the sand and ocean with Madison soon joining to comfort him.

There was also a moment with Nick and Madison where Nick basically says now everyone in the world is like him, not knowing where they’re going. He finally felt like the world was catching up with him, which is really sad and another reason why I think his character has so much potential. Please, writers, don’t let his character drift to the background!

Overall, I thought the season finale was pretty awesome and left you with so many questions that it’s easy to be excited to see what’s going to happen next season.

I’m not saying the show was perfect and it didn’t have me hooked as quickly as The Walking Dead did but if a show leaves me wondering then you can bet I’ll keep watching.

Until next time, give me all of your thoughts, complaints, predictions and hopes because it’s a long ten or so months before we get season two so let’s fill in that gap!

P.S. Less than a week until Rick and the gang returns next Sunday!


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