Fear the freshly turned Walkers…


It’s Sunday so that means, well, quite a few things, but for us Walking Dead fans it means the fight to survive the zombie walker apocalypse continues.

Tonight brings around the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead and as I re-watch this season thanks to AMC’s marathon, let’s talk a little bit about these past five episodes.

The show started off slow which made me nervous because I was excited to see a new perspective on the Walking Dead world.

When The Walking Dead premiered in 2010, we were thrown into the middle of the chaos with Rick. We didn’t get to see how it started, how people initially reacted, what the government did or how the world ended up the way it did when Rick woke from his coma.

The end of the first episode of Fear the Walking Dead finally gave me that promising feeling I was hoping for. From there on it started to pick up. We saw more walkers, we saw people questioning whether they were still human, we saw the government step in and attempt to take control of things.

I’m still trying to connect with the characters though. Some are incredibly irritating (sorry, Liza & Chris) but some of them do have potential, including Chris. Oops, was that hypocritical?

Despite how I see him now, I do feel like Chris could end up becoming a stronger less annoying character. Maybe he’ll end up becoming the bad-ass son like Carl has grown up to be. That’s if Chris survives into next season. Avoid getting snacked on by those walkers, Chris!

Nick is another character I really want to see develop more. I actually liked the writers’ decision to give him the personal struggle of addiction. It’s not an easy situation to get through at all so to see someone trying to push through his addiction and hopefully break his habit during the horrifying end of the world, it brings a new dynamic to the show.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about Alicia yet, although I can see a possible relationship of some sort between her and Chris developing in episode five. I’m not the only one who saw that, right?

Madison and Travis have had their moments, but I flip back and forth on whether I like their characters or not. And I think we can all agree Daniel is quickly edging towards the psychotic behavior shown by Shane and Rick. I’m all for fighting for the ones you love, except torturing a man the way Daniel did was slightly overboard. Poor Andrew.

I also remember coming across the question asking who might become the ‘Rick’ of Fear the Walking Dead and at first, I thought maybe Madison could go down that path. Now? I’m really not that sure. It’s too early to say. Especially when the Rick from season one of TWD is like a completely different person than the Rick we know now going into season six. Daniel sure as hell has the personality and disregard to end up being like Shane. (Just the thought of Shane makes me mad, the creepy psycho that he was. Kudos to good writing and Jon Bernthal)

Alright, that’s enough character discussion for now because I’m hoping these characters develop enough so we’re not left comparing them to the characters we’ve watched for the past five seasons of TWD.

Until next time, happy watching tonight and let’s meet up here soon after the season finale to discuss what cliffhanger will drive us nuts til next year!


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