It’s all out Civil War…


Well, not quite yet. We still have some time before Captain America: Civil War hits theaters (May 6, 2016…just about seven months away, but who’s counting? Me.)

Although we have to wait for the third Cap film, it doesn’t mean Marvel won’t tease us until then. I can tell you I was thrilled to see the Team Cap and Team Iron Man photos released. And then I saw Natasha was on Team Iron Man…

Okay, Marvel, you better explain that thoroughly in Civil War unlike how us fans had the whole Bruce/Natasha relationship flung in our faces in Age of Ultron. I will forever be confused where that idea came from.

Don’t build up a close partnership and the possibility of a relationship if it works into the story line like Clint and Natasha and then toss it out the window. (And give Clint a secret wife and kids?! I still want to know what my face looked like in the theater when we first saw his family. It probably matched Steve’s during that scene.)

The same goes for Natasha and Steve. We got to see the awesome growth of their friendship in The Winter Soldier and now we’re supposed to believe Nat sides with Tony in Civil War? Please, I’m just praying it will all make sense.

I’m putting my faith in the writers and the Russo Brothers only because they did such an incredible job on The Winter Soldier.

Anyway, before I start rambling about more stuff this post wasn’t originally intended for, let’s get to why I’m actually writing this post.

Teasers leading up to Civil War. We’ve discussed the team photos, which also showed Bucky on Team Cap. I’m unbelievably excited to see how that plays out.

And of course, the after credits scene at the end of Ant-Man *SPOILERS AHEAD* that showed Steve and Sam finding Bucky in pretty bad shape was the ultimate tease. I wanted Civil War to start playing on the screen right then and there.

This week’s season premiere of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. also gave us a potential Civil War easter egg during President Ellis’ address on TV in regards to the threats presented by the otherworldly beings popping up all over.

The battle of New York (thanks, Loki) is mentioned along with London (hey there, Thor) and Sokovia (yeah, you too, Ultron). This brings about a new task force titled the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, or ATCU.

Could this be what leads to Steve and Tony facing off against each other? Or something similar? Because we know the plot of Civil War deals with the Avengers disagreeing on how to ‘deal with situations’ so something like the task force could be behind it all.

I’m among the fans who thought putting Steve and Tony at odds with each other was a little uncalled for, especially right after we’ve just seen them become good friends and Avenger teammates. But over time, I’m becoming more and more excited and interested to see how this all plays out.

I can only imagine that Steve will be right about whatever craziness ensues and Tony will eventually realize his wrongs because with his current track record, when has Tony not screwed up lately?

Yeah, exactly.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Tony to death. Iron Man is one of my all-time favorite superheroes but when it comes to your favorites, you have to be able to admit when they do have faults. And Tony has plenty. I could write a feature story on the subject. (Relax, I’m not going to include it here)

For now, though, we’ll just have to see what else Marvel teases us with and resort to getting our feelings out through tweets and posts on the Internet. Like I just did. (Go me!)

Until next time, fellow Marvel fans, dazzle me with your theories and we can discuss together!


4 thoughts on “It’s all out Civil War…

  1. Nah…I don’t have admit to anything, because my favourite is Steve, the paragon of goodness. The only fault you can attach to him is that he is too perfect, and that is kind of a stretch.

    • Haha! Yeah, Steve does have that perfection thing going for him but I feel like he’d probably deny it because of the kind of man he is. But all I was trying to say is, just because someone is your favorite character, it doesn’t mean they won’t mess up. Steve Rogers isn’t immune to making a mistake, no matter how small (because for him, it’d probably being a small slip up). And that’s what makes these characters even better, they will make mistakes like us. Okay, I’m going to stop rambling ;]P

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