Welcome back, Agents!


‘Oh happy day’, I said to myself Tuesday knowing that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would be arriving on my wonderful TV later that night.

What? You don’t get overly excited for your favorite TV shows to return that you start saying corny things to yourself? If not, who are you and what are you doing on this blog? (No, please, stay! I’ll make an obsessive fan out of you in no time)

Anyway, AOS started season 3 with action right out of the gate. A new Inhuman, strange powers that can melt metal and Daisy aka Quake being her full-out bad-ass self! I was thoroughly glued to the TV, all while enjoying some Avengers fruit snacks. (I swear this is not an eight-year-old typing this up)

The new Inhuman we were introduced to is Joey, who has those contaminated fish oil vitamins to thank for his powers. Because although the vitamins have been removed from store shelves, whoever already had them probably weren’t so lucky. Nope, they’re just developing powers and making the Marvel Universe an even crazier place than it already is.

Daisy and Mack bring Joey back with them and Daisy attempts to explain what he’s going through while inside a room designed to keep him safe. She also warns him that the world just isn’t ready to learn about his secret despite whether he was ready to share it or not.

We also see the team, specifically Bobbi, who it seems is still recovering from her injuries from the end of last season, working on learning more about the monolith. (Biology degree/intelligent side of Bobbi for the win) Said monolith is what pulled Jemma inside of it during the season finale. (My poor FitzSimmons shipping heart!)

The monolith has been locked up in the aftermath but we learn that Fitz has been doing whatever he can to find a way of bringing Jemma back. Because that’s what you do for the one you love. Yes, rejoice fellow FitzSimmons shippers! Fitz reveals that he loves Jemma while engaging in a deal to trade a suitcase containing splinter bombs for an artifact that he believes will help save her.

And don’t worry, Fitz is too smart for the man he has sought out for this deal, Yousef Hadad. He ends up getting away with not only the artifact but the splinter bombs as well. Badass Fitz fighting for the love of his life is my favorite!

Another new character this season is Rosalind Price, who is spearheading the group of people going after the Inhumans. She’s a mystery but Bobbi finds out about her whereabouts and Coulson and Hunter set out to find her on the train she takes home.

The one thing they do know about her prior to their meeting with her is that she is not HYDRA because the psychotic organization has been lying dormant. Yeah, that’s not frightening at all, right?

Once they do get to speak with Price, they realize she actually knows quite a bit about Coulson. This includes the magical place that is T.A.H.I.T.I. (I may or may not have wanted to punch her in the face for making that comment to him) She wants to know more about the Inhumans though. She has been finding dead bodies with their chests blown open by energy blasts and Coulson is her number one suspect behind it all. Clearly we now know neither of them are responsible.

Daisy and Mack also give Lincoln a visit. The fellow Inhuman is now working in a hospital and keeping his distance from S.H.I.E.L.D. Daisy and Lincoln argue while she attempts to get him to come back. Cue an electrical surge which is not caused by Lincoln but instead by the culprit behind the energy blasts.

Say hello to a creepy, demented looking Inhuman who goes by the name of Lash. Not exactly the kind of guy you want stalking angrily around a corner towards you, which is exactly what we see him do.

Lash is associated with the Tribe, formerly the Lor Tribe, and takes on the job of judging whether the Inhuman descendants affected by the Terrigen Mist are worthy to live with their new-found abilities.

He escapes after Daisy and Lincoln work together to knock him through the floor, so one can only expect more chaos the next time we see him.

Towards the end of the episode we see a scene with Bobbi and Hunter discussing their current mess of a relationship aka sleeping together and getting along better than usual. Hunter also gives Bobbi her wedding ring back while his is somewhere in the ocean, I’m assuming, since he’d apparently need scuba gear to find it.

Unfortunately for them, Hunter confirms that he will be going after Ward and H.Y.D.R.A. so they’d both have to fight for this to work between each other.

Side note: I’d love to see one of the team members kick Ward’s ass again when they find him, just saying. He undoubtedly deserves it.

President Ellis makes an appearance giving a presidential address on TV. (You’ll remember him from Iron Man 3) I will talk more about what he says in a post about Civil War later on today!

We then came to the end of the episode and Fitz succeeded at demolishing our hearts. The artifact he acquired had a piece of paper inside with letters he revealed were in Hebrew and translated to ‘death.’ Take from that what you will.

Coulson advises that they tell Jemma’s family that she’s been missing and for Fitz to start coming to terms with her never coming back.

Yeah, that doesn’t go over too well for Fitz, who then grabs a shotgun, enters the closed off room where the monolith is being kept and shoots open the glass container it is inside of.

Holy hell, the raw emotion that came out of him while he banged on the monolith and screamed for it to “DO SOMETHING!!” Iain De Caestecker was incredible in this scene.

And herein lies the final scene always leaving us begging for it to be next Tuesday. We see Jemma running through what looks like a sandy, dusty and strange looking place. She ducks behind a huge rock and seems to be hiding from something before she starts digging with her hands in the ground. She oddly rubs some of the dirt on her face next to her right eye and that’s it.

It’s clear this season is going to be intense and action-packed and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for the team!

Until next time, AOS fans, leave some of your thoughts about the premiere and predictions for the rest of this season below!