Farewell Captain…


It just didn’t seem right for me not to write a post dedicated to the one and only Derek Jeter.

I grew up watching the Yankees shortstop and to this day I still consider him my childhood hero. Being in my twenties, I only ever knew Jeter as our shortstop and was too young to have watched any of the previous Yankees play that position on the field. So to think next spring when baseball is starting up again that we won’t see number 2 trotting out onto the field or hear that classic introduction voiced by Bob Sheppard…it’s going to take me a long time to get used to that thought of Jeter not being there.

And even though we have tears in our eyes and we’re sad to see him leave, those tears have some happiness and pride in them. That’s because the career Derek Jeter has had with the Yankees has been more than impressive. He ended his last game Sunday with 3,465 hits, he’s a 14-time All-Star, he has won 5 World Series Titles, he’s the all-time leader in playoff hits and who could forget…he’s Mr. November.

Another fun fact, Jeter is ending his career with 1,923 runs. That number just happens to be the year the old Yankee Stadium was built and the first year the Yankees won the World Series.

No one could imagine or create the career Jeter has had because you’d look at how spectacular and awe-inspiring some of the moments have been and think it to be cliché. But those moments happened…he actually achieved his 3,000th hit on a home run and went 5-for-5 that game and he also actually had the walk-off hit to win his final game played at Yankee Stadium. Unbelievable? Absolutely! Except when it comes to Derek Jeter, unbelievable is just part of what makes him a true legend.

I know I’m not ready for a Yankee team without Jeter or even baseball without Jeter but the time will pass and eventually we’ll reach that long-awaited day. The day he makes it into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Whether you rooted for him or against him, there’s no denying the class act that is Derek Jeter. I’m getting teary-eyed just writing this because I’ll say it again, I’m just not ready to say goodbye! He’s going out on top though. He’s a role model and hero to so many children, as well as adults, and his inspiration will live on.

So, Jeter, I’ll be wearing your jersey proudly for years to come and I will miss hearing that chant every game: DER-EK JE-TER! I also hope one day I get to talk to my future children about you like my dad talked to me about Mantle, DiMaggio and other Yankee legends before you.

Cooperstown is waiting for you, Derek Jeter, and the anticipation I have of seeing one of my heroes inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame is immeasurable…just like the impact you’ve had on so many of your fans.

Here’s to you, Captain.