Looking Ahead…


I don’t have anything in particular to legitimately ramble about today but I will in the coming days. I’ll be posting a review of The Fault in Our Stars once I see it later this week (I am impatiently waiting to finally see this movie because I absolutely fell in love with the book).

I’ve also decided to possibly do random song of the day posts…no real set up with those posts, I won’t post one every single day but if a certain song is on replay in my head I’ll create a quick post with a YouTube video of the song. Simple, fun and the songs won’t necessarily be new songs…they’ll range anywhere from new to ‘wow, I almost forgot how much I love this song!’

So since I have nothing special to talk about, let me know what you’re currently obsessing over at the moment! Movies, TV shows (Perception is returning June 17th…anyone a fan of Dr. Pierce & company?), music, a certain celebrity, anything & everything… leave a comment and let’s talk šŸ™‚

Until next time, fellow entertainment junkies!


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