X-Men: Days of Future Past Movie Review


I admit, I was excited for X-Men: Days of Future Past but at the same time part of me was a bit nervous. I’ve been a fan of the movies since X-Men (2000) until it began to go down hill with X2 (2003) and then we were left with X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)…I won’t even go there since we all know the disappointment that came with that movie (or at least I hope you were disappointed because that movie…no, I refuse to get off topic with my anger about The Last Stand!)

Eventually in 2009 we were given X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which was a pretty decent movie although not my favorite. Next up was X-Men: First Class (2011) and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Getting to see the younger versions of the characters was interesting and the cast was filled with some of my personal favorite actors. Then in 2013 we received The Wolverine. I was definitely nervous about it. It was either going to be well done or cringe-worthy no matter how awesome Hugh Jackman is as Logan/Wolverine. I was nervous for nothing because I really enjoyed The Wolverine and the ending scene of course set up the next movie and the reason I’m currently rambling…X-Men: Days of Future Past.

When I saw the scene in The Wolverine when Logan is in the airport and runs into Charles/Professor X and Magneto, my first question was: ‘How is Professor X alive? Didn’t he burst into a million pieces and disappear in The Last Stand?’ So I figured they’d end up answering that dilemma in Days of Future Past. That NEVER happened or at least I never picked up on it! (If they did PLEASE leave me a comment and explain because that seemed like a plot hole to me and I would love an answer to calm my comic book nerd heart)

Honestly, aside from that (possible? probably definite?) plot hole regarding Charles/Professor X, the movie was definitely awesome. Basically to sum it up quickly in case you don’t know, the movie deals with the X-Men fighting off the Sentinels (robots created to hunt mutants and the humans willing to help them) but when they realize the robots can take on the powers of the mutants (thanks to Mystique’s DNA) and they cannot beat them, time travel is their only solution. Kitty Pryde uses her powers (which I’d like to know where her time travel powers came from? Any takers?) to send Logan’s consciousness into his past in order for him to change the past and prevent the Sentinels from being created, therefore, giving them all a better and safer future. Logan is the only one capable of possibly surviving the process due to his healing abilities. Charles explains what Logan must do and we then travel back in time and all hell breaks loose as in every superhero movie.

We see what has become of young Charles and his school (both are in horrible shape…Charles taking Hank’s serum in order to walk causing his powers to fade away and the school is completely run down and no longer has students mostly due to the war and the draft). We learn about the rest of the mutants as the movie progresses as well (Mystique off on her own, Magneto locked up underneath the Pentagon, Havok fighting in the war, etc.etc. you get my point). We also meet Quicksilver…he was a fun character, mainly as some comedic relief, but if you compare what Evan Peter’s Quicksilver looks like compared to Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver in the upcoming The Avengers: Age of Ultron, well, to put it bluntly X-Men’s version of Quicksilver looks like a Spy Kid. (I might get flak for that comparison)

Like I said, it proved to be a pretty awesome movie and the ending will make many X-Men fans very happy. I may or may not have excitedly grinned at the screen and gasped when I saw that Scott/Cyclops was alive! Jean was also back to her normal mutant self and not the Phoenix. She was also clearly still with Scott from his reaction to Logan reaching out to touch her face (but in all honesty, I’d prefer Logan with someone else since I was never a fan of Logan and Jean…some may disagree with me, that’s just my opinion).

And the scene after the credits set up the next movie, X-Men: Apocalypse hitting theaters in 2016 (P.S. please try not to ever be those moviegoers that leave Marvel movies before the end of the credits…I admit, I shake my head at those obvious Marvel amateurs. Just friendly advice, you paid for it, stick around til the very end!) The short scene was ominous and revealed someone in the desert standing in front of the Egyptian pyramids being built quite quickly. The camera pans around to reveal said someone is definitely not human and will undoubtedly be the next big bad for the sequel. If you don’t know much about the character Apocalypse (super old, super terrifying, craves world domination, won’t stand for weaker beings no matter if they’re mutant or not), check out Darren Franich’s Entertainment Weekly article about X-Men: Days of Future Past‘s ending! Read it from start to finish if you can because it’s well written and definitely hits a lot of key points fellow fans will enjoy!

In the end, I should definitely stop rambling now. Go see X-Men: Days of Future Past because despite what I tell you, you should make your own assumptions. Never listen to critics or friends or family until you see it for yourself! Trust me, don’t miss out on a movie because one or two people you know didn’t like it.

Enjoy the X-Men awesomeness and if you’ve seen it leave your comments below! Until next time, fellow entertainment junkies 🙂


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