Supernatural Season 9 Finale (Beware of Spoilers!)


So what better way to start my new blog than with an after-Supernatural-season-finale post?

If you’re like most of us fans in the SPN Family then you know how much emotional torture each season finale brings to our Winchester-loving hearts. If not just scroll through Twitter or Tumblr and, trust me, you’ll see the aftermath. Without a doubt, it’s never particularly pretty.

There is usually incoherent rambling (which usually makes sense, at least if you can relate and therefore decipher what they’re trying to say) and there are endless posts/tweets about things others might have missed or theories about what’s to come next season. Basically it’s a jumble of pure insanity and an explosion of emotions, in the best way possible, because us Supernatural fans are dedicated and I absolutely love it!

The Season 9 finale, “Do You Believe in Miracles,” was amazing! The writers, cast and crew really outdid themselves and definitely gave us a season finale to remember.

Let’s just jump straight to the biggest part of the finale…Dean. Scary Mark of Cain Dean, to which I applaud Jensen Ackles for bringing out a side of Dean that truly creeped me out and had me petrified about what that Mark was going to do to him. (Jensen, you get all of the awards for that endless talent you grace us with each week) Sorry, fangirl rambling!

Anyway, as soon as Dean started showing that disturbing desire and need for the First Blade earlier this season, possible scenarios immediately began playing out in my mind. (Plus, my inner writer couldn’t help but brainstorm) I warned you in the title but I’ll warn you again…spoilers ahead!

I called it when I said that Dean would end up becoming a demon. That didn’t stop me from audibly gasping, continuing to bawl my eyes out (since I was already crying due to the infuriating Metatron stabbing Dean multiple times and heart-wrenching brotherly moments) and having my heart burst into a billion little pieces.

Can we all agree seeing Dean lying there motionless on the bed and then suddenly opening his eyes to reveal purely black demon eyes was one of the biggest shocks we’ve been dealt these past nine seasons? Even if you expected it, it was still insane to see play out before you.

After slowly slipping out of shock, (I’m still in shock, who am I trying to kid?), one of my first thoughts was Season 3’s “Dream a Little Dream of Me.” That haunting quote said by Evil!Dean… “You can’t escape me, Dean. You’re gonna die. And this. This is what you’re going to become!”

Just seeing Dean in that single scene with demon eyes was something we never thought would really happen. Sure, Sam and Dean have dealt with possession (remember when Sam was possessed by Meg? Or as Dean put it, “Dude, you…you like full on had a girl inside you for like a whole week.”) But we never thought Dean turning into a full-on demon could actually come true.

So now we have Demon!Dean. It’s happened and unfortunately we have to wait all the way until the fall to see how they’re going to handle all of this. And, not to toy with your emotions, we didn’t even get to see Sam’s reaction to Demon!Dean. Sam still believes his brother is dead and was summoning Crowley to undoubtedly come up with some sort of deal.

Speaking of, praise the Supernatural gods that the brothers finally had their moment (of course, while Dean was half dead). Either way, I know the codependent relationship Sam and Dean have gets them in trouble sometimes, I’m just happy Sam came to the realization that he will ALWAYS have Dean’s back and do whatever he can to protect/save him like Dean will ALWAYS do for him. (Who knows how that will go now that Dean’s dark side…oh man, I keep stomping on the pieces of my own heart!)

In the end, 1.) I knew Demon!Dean was upon us, 2.) Thank you Supernatural writers for giving us a much-needed yet sad brotherly moment, 3.) I stupidly neglected Castiel in this post but fear not, I do adore our angel and was so proud when he used Metatron’s angel radio against him. I also cried some more at Castiel’s reaction to hearing that Dean was dead, and 4.) I love Crowley, despite him being a demon, but I am royally pissed he thought it was perfectly fine to leave out the major part about what the Mark of Cain/First Blade might end up doing to Dean AKA turning him into a demon! Not cool, Crowley, not cool at all. You’re going to have a pissed off Moose to deal with!

If you actually took the time to read this entire rambling post then don’t hesitate to leave me a comment and your thoughts! I’ll be sure to make a post responding to your reactions!

Until next time, my fellow entertainment junkies! 🙂

P.S. Expect more Supernatural-related posts since I’m sure I’ll come across something I forgot or just other parts of the finale I want to ramble more about.


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